here is who risks the sanction

Pay attention to health insurance card: l’Revenue Agency he is serious. In fact, he did know what the penalties provided in case of omitted or late ed incorrect data transmission to the System health insurance card. In fact, one is applied fine of 100 euro for every communication.

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To be interested are the local health companiesle hospital companiesthe hospitalization and care institutions scientific, i university polyclinicsle public and private pharmaciesi outpatient specialist unitsthe structures for the provision of the services of prosthetic assistance e you supplementary assistancethe other facilities and structures accredited for the disbursement of health services and members of theRegister of surgeons and of dentists.


The Revenue Agency has clarified that the fine of 100 euros is valid for every single document from incorrect, omitted or belatedly sent expensebecause «one different reading it would not allow, in fact, to obtain the dissuasive effect envisaged in the explanatory report “. In short, as regards the pre-filled declaration it was decided to adopt one extremely hard line.

The pre-filled tax return could involve serious consequences for anyone who commits one oversight or inaccuracy at the time of sending the data of your health card. In the light of such a circumstance, therefore, i freelancers in particular they will have to lend a lot of attention at communications received from the tax authorities if they want to avoid a fine of 100 euros paid for each document that contains incorrect data.

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Last updated: Thursday 26 May 2022, 11:20


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