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Helmut Lotti sings, Natalia burps: but who of the two …

On Thursday there is a duel between two BVs on the program in The Container Cup of Play4. Helmut Lotti won the game of the Flemish nightingales against Natalia with a lead of almost a minute. And that included a lot of singing.

You can take the Helmut out of the showbiz, but you can’t take the showbiz out of the Helmut. ” Pedro Elias could not better summarize Helmut Lotti’s participation in The Container Cup. 51-year-old Lotti sang a matching soundtrack during almost every trial. Run to the hills (walk), The Jungle Book (monkey bars), Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (golf), By Marie Louise (rowing), Push it (bench press) en Cycling on the heath (cycling) were reviewed.

Only during the firing did Lotti remain silent, but he trembled enormously. The successful singer shot off four times and declined for the fifth and final attempt. “I have an essential family tremor and that shaking gets worse when I’m tired,” admitted Lotti. “That’s why I let the chalice pass me on the last try.”

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Helmut Lotti still aspired to a career as a cyclist in his youth. But after never reaching the finish line in his first thirteen races, he hung his bike on the hook. Lotti was also beaten on the bike by Natalia in the container. The Kempen singer was better than her colleague in four of the seven parts (golfing, rowing, shooting and cycling), but lost too much time in the running test to be able to claim the victory in this game.

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Remarkable. Unlike Helmut Lotti, we never heard Natalia sing in the container. “I’m here for the performance, not the entertainment,” she stated. What we did hear about the Flemish Tina Turner were a few farmers after rowing. “My love gave me a fantastic breakfast this morning. And when I’m exercising, I don’t hold back. ”

Stand BV’s

1 Viktor Verhulst 10: 28.19

2 Francesco Planckaert 11: 37.82

3 Helmut Lots 13: 40.99

4 Natalia 14:38.63

Following candidates:

Lotte Kopecky

Ewoud Vromant

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