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HELLDIVERS 2 Review: How Arrowhead Game Studios Created the Best Cooperative Shooting Game

Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, the cooperative shooting game “HELLDIVERS”, which was a smash hit in 2015, finally officially launched its sequel “HELLDIVERS 2” two years ago.

Not only did “Battlefield 2” exceed one million units in sales in just one day, but even though its servers were exploded several times during the week, it still beat Sony’s other games with a maximum of 120,000 simultaneous connections. The record of a masterpiece “God of War” can be said to be at the peak of its popularity.

So what is the magic power of this game that allows many soldiers to join the ranks of democratic delivery, regardless of the server conditions? Today, let me use 50 hours of gaming experience to share with you the interesting aspects of this masterpiece!

As we all know, top-down shooting and TPS can be said to be game types with different concepts, and the players on both sides can even be regarded as different customer groups. However, the success of “Jedi Warriors 2” lies in breaking this barrier and retaining the Most of the elements are required for successful transformation.

What’s interesting is that the actual game elements of the TPS version of “Jedi Warriors 2” have not changed much. Including using keyboard input commands to call various airdrop equipment, environmental elements on each planet, and the design of weapons and armor are actually not much different from the first generation. But with the addition of TPS gameplay, these elements have made great progress.

For example, this time, more obvious weaknesses and part destruction mechanisms have been added to many monsters. The solution to charging bugs and tanks is no longer based on simple fire suppression, but can be solved by penetrating the weaknesses of the legs and upper armor;

As a result, the map began to have the concept of height differences, adding more positions and architectural features (the jetpack also became more practical this time). The gameplay of the mission is also more cooperative than the first generation, and the action of the game has also been greatly improved.

In addition, the audio-visual performance that is comparable to 3A level also adds a lot of points to the game. Not only are the landscapes of each planet very different this time, but the performance of enemies, weapons and other aspects of shooting are also outstanding. For example, when fighting robots on a planet full of jungles, the tracer bullets coming out of the trees are very exciting. It felt like I was playing a Vietnamese version of The Terminator.

Even if this game has no plot at all, these parts alone can give people a sufficient sense of immersion.

The author’s personal favorite is the explosive strategic equipment special effects such as the flying eagle and orbital bombing. It is completely difficult to describe the shock that made the soldier’s cloak fly up when he saw the blasting scene of the missile and 500KG explosives for the first time. , I strongly recommend that you play the game yourself to experience what art means and explosion.

The fun of TK, which was the focus of the game in the first generation, has not been forgotten. Although the author thought that this part of the fun would be weakened due to the wide map brought by TPS, in fact, it has a tendency to intensify.

Since TPS has shrunk the player’s visual range in disguise, and the strategic equipment of this game does not have anti-TK upgrade options, so this time you not only need to be careful about your teammates’ gun lines, including calling for survival pods, or placing sentry cannons, Any seemingly random action has a higher chance of killing teammates around you, or even yourself.

The author is already a frequent player of the highest difficulty “Jedi Warriors”. I still have to die countless times due to the silent mortars and flying eagle air strikes of my teammates. Of course, my teammates are also often shot by my guard dog’s laser. Drones and Tesla towers cut off their heads, and they can be said to have fun hurting each other… It can only be said that the gameplay transformation of “Battlefield 2” is indeed very successful, and I believe it will become a learning object for many younger generations.

However, compared to the successful evolution in gameplay, it seems that “Jedi Warriors 2” still has shortcomings in development for the time being.

The development system this time adopts a similar structure to the first generation. You still need to collect “samples” scattered on the map to upgrade warship facilities, complete tasks everywhere, and collect “medals” to unlock more through “War Bonds (Pass)”. A lot of soldiers, guns and armor.

However, since there are no individual upgrade options like the first generation, there are only general upgrades for battleship equipment, so the places where you can develop them are actually quite limited. The firepower is also obviously insufficient on high difficulties.

For example, the author has actually unlocked all the battleship strategic equipment and battleship upgrades, and has also unlocked the weapons in the current pass to the eighth page. However, it is a pity that most of the weapons are not very practical. In high difficulty, even one bomb can be unlocked. Clamps can only kill 1 to 2 enemies;

As a result, what you see on high difficulty levels are either explosive rifles or shotguns, smoke screens, and support equipment for two people. The balance and later playability are somewhat lacking.

In addition, unstable servers and occasional game crashes are also part of the game’s current problems.

I believe that there are many soldiers with poor Internet connections. The game process in the past few days has been repeatedly jumping between thawing (server login) and failing to join the game. The author’s Internet connection is relatively smooth, but I have had the experience of being locked in a cryo chamber several times.

Fortunately, the server and crash problems have been corrected to a certain extent in the update on the night of February 13th, so now the game does not exist except for numerical bugs, heavy armor of questionable usefulness, and content volume issues. Too many questions.

I believe that most of the problems should be solved after the previously announced mecha DLC content is released. It would be better if equipment upgrade options could be added.

Now that the biggest server problem has been almost completely solved, I highly believe that “Jedi Warriors 2” is definitely the best cooperative shooting game this year. At least before the next TGA, there may be only “Warhammer: Warhammer: Warhammer” that I am also looking forward to. Only “Sha Wushuang 2” has a chance to become a competitor.

The current price of “Battlefield 2” on Steam is 1,190 yuan. It is recommended to all players who like cooperative games and are willing to use the bodies of teammates to spread democracy and freedom.

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