Hell Let Loose: Update 7 dated by Black Matter – News


We have been talking about it for several weeks now, the redesign of the animations of Hell Let Loose will arrive with update 7. This update was presented at length last week, but the studio has now dated its deployment.

Hell Let Loose Update 7 will be available on PC next July 14 at noon, French time. Besides the changes to first and third person animations, this new update will bring new animations for weapons, and an audio system reworked in depth. As the developers had already announced, sound propagation will vary depending on the environment the players are in.

The sound of the weapons will now be independent of the refresh rate, while the audio mix of the vehicles has been redesigned for more realism (its interior and exterior). Several short videos presenting the changes are by the way available in a post published on the page Steam Game, which also contains many details about the changes to the audio. Finally, remember that the Carentan card will be available the same day, and we leave with some images of the motion capture.

video“>Hell Let Loose presents its new animations

By MalloDelic, Journalist jeuxvideo.com


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