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Helena Noguerra “abandoned” by her son, “this gesture” by Fabien Galthié

Now in a relationship with Fabien Galthié, Helena Noguerra would finally be appeased after being abandoned by her only son, Tanel Derard. She had blamed him.

“He was my friend for a very long time, he’s a gentleman now. He’s 28 soon, so he doesn’t care, ”lamented the actress, referring to her son, who is now in a relationship with Shy’m, the mother of her daughter.

“He doesn’t give a damn about his mother. He comes to see me politely on Sundays”.
But with the boss of the French rugby team, who would now share his life for a few months, Helena Noguerra would be appeased.

Here magazine revealed their beautiful story in its March 25 issue.
The two lovers would have stayed in the Montmartre apartment of the attractive brunette.

And the next day, Fabien Galthié, Helena Noguerra would have gone to lunch at Procope, “a renowned restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Près, where a group of friends from the French rugby federation were waiting for them.

“It was also Fabien’s birthday, so they had a lot to celebrate,” said a source, assuring that they are “stiff with each other and do not hide it”.

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