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Heidi Weng wants to isolate herself – not relevant to meet her boyfriend – VG

INSULATE: Heidi Weng avoids contact with as many people as possible before the Olympics in Beijing.

ALPE CERMIS (VG) Heidi Weng (30) impressed with a victory in Monsterbakken and third place overall. Now she is going home to rest. Without meeting people.


– Now it will be a month free from competitions. I have not completely decided when I will go to Seiser Alm. Now I will go home and relax to make a profit, says Weng at the top of Alpe Cermis.

She’s just secured third place overall in the Tour de Ski and victory on the final stage up the alpine slope in the Italian mountains. On the ground, Weng finished ahead of Swedish Ebba Andersson, while Russian Natalya Neprjajeva secured the overall victory.

It is now exactly one month until the Olympics in Beijing start, and Weng appears as a medal candidate.

Fearing the coronavirus and illness before the season’s big goal, Weng will stay in peace when she is in Norway. Later in January, the Olympic run-up with the team in the height in Seiser Alm awaits.

– I have been extremely careful since Beitostølen. Going forward, I’ll not be with anyone. Maybe mom and dad who do not work and are retired. They are not so much with other people and do not have many close contacts themselves. They may be the only ones I want to be with in the future, says Weng.

Boyfriend Kjetil Nygaard has to wait.

– Kjetil works and is with a lot of people, so it is not relevant to meet him, Weng says in cash.

– Do you go to the store, then?

– I have people who shop for me. I’m lucky that way, Weng answers.

– What will be the most important thing towards the Olympics now?

– Come home and sleep. Make a profit.

– Will it be lonely alone?

– I’m very social on tour. Then there are people around me all the time. I’m lucky to have the girls, so no problem.

Weng struggled at times last season with corona fear, and she has said she finds it uncomfortable to have to travel as much as a cross-country skier has to. In the interview zone, Weng is always careful to keep a safe distance and often takes a step back.

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