Heat wave in France – what is known about the natural disaster in the country

The hottest summer

In 2022, over 60 absolute temperature records were recorded in France in the summer. The country was covered by abnormal heat. It started in June and reached its nominal peak in July, when the average temperature throughout the country was 37.7°C and broke the 2003 record.

In settlements along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the thermometers reached 42.6 ° C, and just in this region 64 absolute heat records were recorded.

large-scale fires

In August, against the backdrop of abnormal heat, strong fires broke out again across the country. Due to a natural disaster in several regions announced the evacuation of people.

In particular, large-scale fires began in the Gironde department, which is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. About 8 thousand people were evacuated there.

“Eight large-scale fires are blazing across the country at the same time. Everything indicates that we will have many difficulties in the coming weeks,” Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said on August 10.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that 10,000 rescuers are trying to put out fires throughout the country. Volunteer firefighters may also be allowed to extinguish the fire, freeing them from their main work.

According to French media, more than 57,600 hectares of land burned down in the country from the beginning of 2022 to mid-August. This figure is already considered the highest in the last 15 years.

In 19 departments in the south and west of France, a yellow and orange alert level has been declared.


Amid the heat in France, the longest river, the Loire, has dried up. It became so shallow that in some areas the coastline has shifted by 10 meters. Boats and boats ran aground.

At the same time, another river – the Garonne – has become shallow so that you can fish standing right in the middle of the channel, cruises have been canceled because the water level is too low. The water receded by 50-70 meters, in some places even up to 100. The water level in the Garonne has dropped so much that the bottom is visible.

New fines

In France, the authorities have decided to ban shops from keeping their doors open with the air conditioning on, as electricity consumption rises by 20% because of this. Violators face fines.

The ruling came into force three weeks ago, and today it became known about the first case when the shops on Rivoli Street in the 4th arrondissement of Paris were fined for relevant violations, the amount of the fine is 150 euros.

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