Heart of the Sun: Gas of Latvia Album with Poetry of Arvja Vigula, Ieva Viese and Kikōne

The music of the album with the poetry of poets Arvja Vigula, Ieva Viese and Kikōne was written by Andris Indāns. Anna Fišere (voice) and Undīne Balode (cello) have joined the recordings, and this is already the second “Gas Of Latvia” album after the one released in 2015 Swan Lakewhich won the annual Latvian Music Recording Award “Zelta Mikrofona” in the electronic music category.

“Heart of the Sun” is an album of war and world reconstruction about a king whose empire’s borders begin where pain dwells, and also about the absence of this king, with whom the whole world is filled. About gardens where even in the dark the soil continues to work hard. About a rose whose only thorn grows inwards.

For one of the album’s songs, “Put your finger to your lips”, artist Katrīna Neiburga, in collaboration with cameraman Anton Graudas, created a video produced by Axel Kaulakans, hair and make-up by Kristians Aglonietis. Katrīna Neiburga, who just won the Latvian Theater Award, is also the author of several “Gas Of Latvia” video clips from earlier times.

Under the name “Gas of Latvia”, sound artist and composer Andris Indāns has recorded fifteen albums of experimental electronic music since 1997 in one or different compositions, which are all available on the platform Bandcamp.

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