Health Urges: Information on Medicines and Vaccines for Preventive Medicine Before International Travel to Asia and Africa

Health Urges: Information on Medicines and Vaccines for Preventive Medicine Before International Travel to Asia and Africa

Health urges information about medicines and vaccines through the service of Preventive medicine for prevent risks before starting international travelover all countries of Asia and Africato avoid diseases.

The General Director of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation of the Ministry of Health and Consumption of the Junta de Andalucía, Jorge del Diegohas advanced that “the vaccination needs or even the mandatory vaccination that some countries have would be surprising” and has reported that Vaccines to be administered are divided into two groups. On the one hand, those that act against food and waterborne diseasesamong which those of hepatitis A, typhoid fever and vaccine to deal with what is known as diarrheaof the traveler. The latter is, as he explains, “a vaccine that was originally for cholera but also has a cross-reaction against a bacterium that is the main producer of this disease.” Regarding diseases transmitted by other types of vectors, there are rabies, yellow fever, meningitis or Central European and Japanese encephalitis.

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The person in charge of Public Health has specified that these are those that can be specified in other countries, that are not included in our vaccination schedule and that “they are the ones to think about when we go to a third country.” All this will depend on the health conditions of the traveler, as well as the type of trip because, depending on this, “we would have to think about hepatitis B, for example, or even, worldwide, the one that is given the most, which is the flu vaccine »if the destination country is in season for this disease, clarifies the expert. In this sense, he explains that in Spain it would be difficult to administer it in summer “Because we do not have vaccines, they have already expired from last season.”

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The cost or free of these medicines depends on each circumstance, destination and moment in which the trip is made because «attention to travelers in Spain is heterogeneousthat is to say, on the one hand they are seen in the international vaccination centers of the Ministry of Health that can make agreements with the autonomous communities to finance a vaccine, “said Jorge del Diego, who has affirmed that vaccines such as fever yellow are standard, that is, «They have a ministerial fee that the person has to pay at the time it is administered. On the other hand, there are the management orders so that certain foreign health powers are transferred in a timely manner to the communities, “he points out. In this sense, the Ministry has reported that Andalusia has worked to Get 10 international vaccination points in 10 Andalusian hospitals that will be available soon in the Preventive Medicine services of these hospitals “because very technical, very specific knowledge of epidemiology, travel, vaccines, patients, etc. is needed”, the general director has assessed. In Córdoba it will be in Queen Sofia.

The manager adds that “the great deficit that Andalusia has had“is that in relation to” the vaccine yellow feverFor example, There are only two cities in Spain where it cannot be administered: Córdoba and Jaén», so those Cordovans who have to administer this and some other vaccine have to travel to other provinces. However, it has announced that this will be resolved with the aforementioned parcels and that in the coming months the Reina Sofía University Hospital will have the authorization to administer it.

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Del Diego always recommends, before any international trip, find out about the needs in the Preventive Medicine service or consult the family doctor. «This is not a shopping list, in each country there are different risks but it is that the risks are also inherent to each person, to the clinical condition they have, if they are immunosuppressed, to the time of the trip, the type of trip, etc. ”, he commented. The expert recommends making an appointment in Preventive Medicine through Primary Care, at least two months before embarking on the trip “because there are vaccines that are several doses and some have to generate defenses.” Regarding the most sensitive areas that require protection, Jorge del Diego also stresses that it depends on the type of trip but that special attention must be paid to Southeast Asia, Africa (where the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory) and America.

travel without cautionsays the director, “It’s a major risk.. I don’t have to think only about vaccines, also about pills and our attitude and behavior. As an example, he gives medication against malaria, the disease that kills the most in the world. Also, around the corner, because «these diseases can cause antibiotics to not work as they should».

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