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Health. Covid-19: screening before Christmas

“The danger would be that 20 people who share a meal for Christmas decide to be tested and, in confidence, meet at the table, stop barrier gestures, do not wear masks, share the same household for several days with fragile people. thinking that he was not risking anything, while the transmission of the virus was real. Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, indicated it during the press conference of the Prime Minister last week: to be tested before the holidays would be a false good idea. And asked the French not to go for mass screening without symptoms, also history not to overwhelm laboratories and pharmacies. But the minister also explained that in case of doubt, that in the event of a scheduled visit to a vulnerable person, in nursing homes for example, the test is possible … ARS Grand Est, in partnership with Biogroup, the Community of The Portes de France Thionville agglomeration and the City of Yutz have therefore decided to organize a screening day, as has already been the case for several weeks in the territory, the latest being that of November 25 at the Prévert center in Thionville. This day will take place this Friday, December 18, at the Bestien room in Yutz, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. And as always, it’s free, without an appointment, open to everyone, adults and children. You just need to bring your Carte Vitale.

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