He sells bingos and received his law degree at the age of 51

August 8, 2022 – 01:09
Carlos Correa got a half scholarship and in less than three years he gave up half of his career. He now dreams of getting a job and getting ahead with his children.

Carlos Correa, a 51-year-old resident of the Thermal City, managed to become a lawyer with a lot of sacrifice while selling bingos on a corner.

In the beginning, when he returned to college after twenty years, he did not even have a computer and despite having myopia and progressive astigmatism, he studied from a cell phone. Some time later, a friend gave him a computer and he studied from there since he did not have the resources to print the texts.

Despite all the setbacks, Carlos never gave up. He got up to study every day at four in the morning, then he took his children to school and in the meantime, until they left, he sold the bingo halls.

Thanks to his perseverance, he obtained a half scholarship at the Catholic University of Salta and with the support of his mother, he was able to pay the fee and managed to complete half of his degree in less than three years. A few days after graduating, Carlos Correa told El Tribuno his moving story of self-improvement.

always wanted to be a lawyer

He recalled that when I graduated from high school “I went to Tucumán and began to study law but I could never graduate, at that time I had to return to Rosario because I couldn’t find a job and my parents were in a very difficult economic situation.”

“They had a business premises but since things were not going well, they did not have to hire staff and I took charge to give them a hand. Despite the fact that my father was municipal mayor, when he left office, he left poorer than when he entered. to the mayor and today he is receiving the minimum pension after having been mayor and having worked so much for the good of his community,” he lamented.

“Although I worked with my parents in the winery, the money was not enough for me and I started selling bingos to support myself and above all, to support my two children,” he recalled.

“One day in 2018, I saw a Facebook post by a young girl who was blind and was studying at Ucasal Advocacy, so I thought to myself; if she is studying, why am I not going to try it myself? so I started to find out and I found out that I could do some equivalencies with the subjects I had passed in Tucumán. Luckily I had practically half of the degree since they recognized all the subjects I had already passed, “he said.

Once he heard the good news, another problem arose: getting the money to pay the fee.

“As I couldn’t afford to pay, I told them about my situation and thank God I got half a scholarship and I talked to my mother who is retired and she helped me pay the other half,” he said.

“Here, when you regularize a subject they don’t charge you to take it, you can ask for a license and dedicate yourself only to taking it and that’s what I did until last year, I regularized everything and I started taking it,” he said.

with sick mom

In parallel, Carlos said that his mother got sick and they had to perform two operations on her, a situation that forced them to close the store after forty years, and that his father told him that he was very worried because at his age (51 years old) he is very hard to get a job.
“Despite the economic situation and the setbacks, I continued to give up and always entrust myself to God, I am a very believing person and I always told my university classmates to entrust themselves to Saint Joseph of Cupertino,” he said.
Regarding the study methodology, he said that he slept five hours a day.
“I went to bed at eleven at night and at four I got up to study on my cell phone,” he said.
Carlos also assured that what helped him get through each inconvenience was the love for his two children and the example of his parents.
“The love that my children give me is what leads me to move forward, to see the effort that my parents have made all their lives, and the example of that blind girl,” he said excitedly.

dream of getting a job

The new professional continues to sell bingos and now dreams of getting a job related to his degree. “I would love to get a job in a law firm since I currently do not have the means to set up my officeThat’s why, as a first step, I’m going to present resumes and see if they call me,” he said eagerly.
“I am going to develop my profession with honesty, as my father has taught me, who was an exemplary person just like my uncle the priest and if I became 10% of what they were, I would feel satisfied”.

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