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He lost the hearts of Monika Bagárová and Czech fans – eXtra.cz

Source: with the consent of Monika Bagárová


Makhmud Muradov is losing more and more Czech fans. While the MMA wrestler is a god in his native Uzbekistan, his popularity in the Czech Republic has declined rapidly, and it is not just his breakup with singer Monika Bagárová. Muradov grew up in a domestic wrestling environment, from which he made a hole in the world, but fans are beginning to get the impression that the beat forgets about it.

Makhmud Muradov has started his wrestling career in the Czech Republic and many of his fans perceive that he is a pupil of the Czech MMA. Not to mention that his coach is a domestic legend of mixed martial arts Petr Kníže. For a while, it seemed that Muradov would take root here, as evidenced by the relationship with singer Monika Bagárová, with whom he has a little daughter Ruminka.

At one time, Muradov also asked the Czech authorities to grant permanent or temporary residence, but without success. That is one of the reasons why he began to disregard the Czechia slowly but surely. “I do not have or do not want citizenship, but I do not have a temporary or permanent residence either. I’m still waiting for both. Because of this, I have already decided that I will simply not raise the Czech flag after the victory, and that is true. I will not represent a state that does not respect me. “ he said angry fighter in the past for eXtra.cz.

Muradov thus began to spend more and more time in Uzbekistan, even though he had a family and a coach in the Czech Republic. In his native country, he founded his own wrestling organization and followed by a break with Bagárová, who did not even see him practically the whole of 2021. That’s why the fighter lost a lot of fans and their outflow continues to accelerate.

The fans curse him

“By complete coincidence, I came across Macha Muradov’s Instagram after clicking on the MMA pages and I noticed that he deleted all the mention of the Czech Republic from his profile. He stops posting in Czech, has blocked comments on all photos and nicely deleted all negative comments, “martial arts fan Andreas noticed and shared his observation on Facebook.

The answer of other disappointed spectators did not take long. “So let’s finally admit that his Czechness was a pose and marketing from the beginning. And I don’t mean it at all. He did well. He has already scolded us for the patriotic note of what came out of it, and let’s admit that the Czech Republic no longer needs it, “ stated Karel, whose opinion was one of the milder ones.

Other commentators were no longer so lenient. We can thank everyone in the authorities for not being so stupid and not getting that citizenship and letting the rat stay at home. “ Ondrej spat. “Tribute to money and a vision of power (recognition and benefits in the home country) are more than humility, “Vit added. It seems that Muradov lost the hearts of Czech fans who have been loyal to him so far.

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