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He leaves the car parked in the garage, after just a month he finds it reduced like this [VIDEO]

It is certainly not good publicity for the brand that a car left for only a month in the garage has shrunk in this way. Or maybe the owner should have taken some precautions first?

Having a personal garage is almost fundamental if you live in a particularly chaotic and crowded city: not only is the risk of the car damaged or even stolen drastically reduced by keeping it indoors but also finding parking is no longer a problem when you return home after a long day of commitments.

Especially if this is the car (Canva)


Obviously, to make sure that the investment is worth the moneythe garage must have some very important features. First of all, it must be a safe environment where the car is not in danger… or it is not in danger of rusting, getting wet or discolored. Ask the owner of the car in today’s video.

The man left a famous modern car in the garage for only a month, a long time but not long enough to justify what happened. After all, we have seen cars abandoned in granaries for reduced decades much better than this poor newly bought electric car.

What happened?

The story in question comes from Turkey and the video became popular thanks to Redditsocial where users share stories of all kinds grouped by categories, where it has obtained 16,000 views in a short time. The protagonist of the crime is a Tesla Model S, a car that is not cheap …

The car has a minimum price of 100,000 euros: it is not a car which should thus be damaged in case of prolonged inactivity. Even if to see the video, perhaps it is the owner of the car who does not tell us right. Or maybe the renter of the garage was not very fair when he put this suspicious garage up for sale …

Toxic and moldy

When the owner got back from his car after about thirty days of disuse and opened it, he could not believe his eyes: the Tesla is completely full of mold, fungus that covers the seats, dashboard and even the steering wheel. How is it possible? Maybe the car was not dried well after it was washed. More likely, the garage was very humid and not properly insulated.

Possible that it rained for a long time inside the garage and that the water has penetrated in the car perhaps through some imperfections in the bodywork. Good question, in any case now the vehicle is to be thrown away, right? Will it cost a fortune to redo the entire interior of the car from scratch?

InsideEvs models 25_09_2022 Quattromania
Not even she is immune to mold …

Thankfully, there is a relatively simple solution: a nice wash with ozone it should be enough to completely clean the car of this substance which could also be toxic and harmful to humans. And if that doesn’t work, well, the owner of the car and the owner of the garage will have to deal with each other.

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