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he gasps when you see him without a beard

The actor “went gray” at the age of 30.

The stylish tattooed “old man” from Tele 2 advertising has long since become an all-Russian star. The character was played by two actors who are not even forty years old. One of them, Oleg Nazarov, is familiar to everyone even without makeup. He has appeared in other commercials, as well as in the famous show “Married to Buzova”, where he became one of the candidates for the TV personality’s husbands.

In real life in Nazarovo, it is impossible to recognize that old man from advertising. She has a brilliant model look and dark hair, bold cheekbones and full lips, which Hollywood beauties will envy. Nazarov has appeared in some famous films. His filmography includes a small role in the film “Duhless”. In addition to acting, Oleg is engaged in a modeling career and even opened his own fashion school LIGAMODELS.

And then nothing happened with Olga Buzova. After a private meeting on the show, it turned out that Nazarov had recently experienced a breakup with a girlfriend. Because of this, Buzova rejected Oleg’s candidacy. According to the artist, at that time he was not yet ready for a serious relationship.

Now Nazarov does not advertise his personal life. He actively leads social networks, but all his posts are related exclusively to working moments.

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