He faced many sexuality related issues during the release of ‘Chathuram’: Siddharth Bharathan

Kochi: ‘Chaturam’ is a film directed by Siddharth Bharathan and starring Roshan Mathew, Swasika, Alencier and Shanti Balachandran in lead roles. Since the release of the film poster, cyberattacks against the film and the actress have been intense. Now director Siddharth Bharathan is responding to the controversy related to the film. There is sex in the photo. But don’t ever think it’s the only film, he said.

‘I am convinced that there was a preconceived notion that the film was only about sex. None of these problems were foreseen at the beginning of the film. But upon its release, she faced several sexuality-related issues. Finally, with the release of the film, many people’s preconceptions were disproved,’ said Siddharth.

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The cinematography of the film is handled by Pradish Verma. Music- Prashant Pillai, Editor- Deepu Joseph, Costume Design- Steffy Xavier, Art Direction- Akhil Raj Chirail, Makeup- Abhilash M, Production Controller- Manoj Karanthur, Associate Director- Umbro, Sound Design- Vicky, Sound Mixing- MR Rajakrishnan, Stills- Jithin Madhu, Promotions- Puppet Media and Title Design- Zero Unni are the other team members.

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