Having your child vaccinated against corona: no national advice, but your own choice

Leiden pediatrician Emmeline Buddingh and Utrecht pediatrician Patricia Bruijning think the cabinet’s decision is a good one. They emphasize that the course of corona disease in children is very different. “Corona is generally very mild in children,” Bruijning tells the news site. “On the other hand, the choice of a vaccine can prevent rare serious manifestations of corona,” said Buddingh. “That’s why it’s nice that parents have the choice.”


Pediatrician Károly Illy joins his colleagues. He adds that the risk of serious damage to children as a result of corona is small. “But the chance of a serious side effect from a vaccination is much smaller,” he emphasizes.

According to Bruijning, it is not possible to give advice for everyone, because the decision whether or not to vaccinate children will be different for every parent. According to her, the parents are “not taking any irresponsible health risks.”

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