Having “the largest pedestrian bridge in the world”. This is the Torre de Moncorvo project for the Douro River – Actualidade

“For the execution of this project an investment of three million euros is foreseen, and the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo will present the project to several national and regional entities to be partners in this investment”, said in a statement, that local authority of the south of the Bragança district.

The municipality of Torre de Moncorvo left the guarantee that it has a project that intends to connect the two banks of the Douro River, between the Museum of Côa, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, district of Guarda, and Alto da Barca, at Peredo dos Castelhanos, in Torre de Moncorvo, “through a pedestrian bridge that will be the largest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world“, with a span of about 750 meters.

The Mayor of Torre de Moncorvo, Nuno Gonçalves, quoted in the statement, indicated that the objective of this project, by joining these two banks of the Douro, is to enter “the heart of something that is privileged, the Douro, the Côa, with a connection to the Vale Côa Archaeological Park (PACV) to Alto Douro Wine Region (ADV) “.

PACV and ADV are classified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.

“It was always the policy of the executive to think this way, tourism that arrives in Porto has to come up this river, up here, and we also saw that tourists stay one day in Torre de Moncorvo, the idea is that they can stay for at least two nights, “said the mayor.

For the also president of the Association of Municipalities of Douro Superior, “it is necessary to create offers, not only through endogenous products, not only the gastronomy that is too well known, but also an active tourism”.

According to him, the project also foresees the construction of a network of walkways and pedestrian paths that interconnect the main points of interest, the paving of public road paths to access the pedestrian bridge and viewpoints, as well as the construction of a new road bridge over the Arroio stream.

“With all this project that we want to present publicly, we intend to make national entities partners in this investment and demonstrate that we have all the capabilities and everything that is necessary for a successful project, and, therefore, it is one more answer for those who launch the challenge to low density territories “, stressed the mayor.

For the representative of the design company, Armindo Rodrigues, also mentioned in the statement, one should not speak only within the scope of the local interest of the municipality of Moncorvo, but of “two municipalities that are two distinct regions, the region of Bragança and the region of Guarda .

This project also has “an impact on the international panorama, because if Guarda and Bragança are united by another point, which is not just any point, we are talking about a suspension bridge with the largest span in the world, in the order of 750 meters, which has a strong tourism impact “, concluded Armindo Rodrigues.

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