“Hattrick” Microphone turns off when Ms. Chairs the Plenary Session of the DPR All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Disconnection event interrupt because microphone off in a plenary meeting chaired by the chairman House of Representatives (DPR) Mrs. Maharani happen again.

The incident occurred today, Tuesday (24/5/2022), when member of Commission VI DPR from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction Amin AK was interrupting.

Previously, Puan wanted to close the plenary meeting because it had passed the time limit specified during the Covid-19 pandemic and entered the time for the noon prayer. However, Amin suddenly asked Puan for time to interrupt.

“Please sir, I told you earlier, it’s (time) for the noon prayer,” answered Mrs.

“Leadership, interrupt, interrupt Leadership, just one,” said Amin.

Puan then gave Amin the opportunity to speak for a maximum of 1 minute. However, Amin asked for 4 minutes. The lady then objected.

“(The plenary meeting) has been 3 hours,” said Puan.

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During the interruption, Amin questioned the absence of legal regulations that stipulate the prohibition against free sex and sexual perversion. He also pushed for the revision of the Criminal Code (KUHP) which stipulates the complete provisions for criminal acts of decency.

After about 3 minutes of talking, Amin’s voice suddenly disappeared. The microphone light located in front of him seemed to be off which made him look confused.

Puan then spoke again to close the plenary meeting and expressed her gratitude to all meeting participants.

While Puan was talking, Amin kept asking for time to continue interrupting.

Puan ignored Amin’s request to continue the interruption until he closed the meeting.

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“With the permission of the council meeting, then allow us to close the plenary meeting with the words Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, om shanti shanti om, namo budhaya“said Puan as she tapped the hammer.

The event of the death of the microphone in DPR plenary meeting which Mrs. led has happened several times.

The first was during the plenary meeting of the ratification of the Job Creation Act, last October 5, 2020. At that time, the leadership of the House of Representatives turned off the microphone when the Democratic Party faction interrupted its stance against the Job Creation Act.

A similar incident occurred again at a plenary meeting regarding the approval of General (TNI) Andika Perkasa as TNI commander, November 8, 2021.

At that time, member of Commission X from the PKS Faction Fahmi Alaydroes became the ‘victim’.

“I asked for the leadership’s time to interrupt, my leader asked for time, I’m sorry I asked for time, I am a member asking for the leadership’s time,” said Fahmi when Puan was about to close the meeting.

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interrupt Fahmi was ignored by Puan until the hammer was knocked to signal the end of the plenary session. Puan gave an explanation about her attitude which often ignores interruptions in plenary meetings.

Puan said that interruptions were limited so that the plenary session did not last long so that the members of the Council did not gather for too long during the pandemic.

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“Maybe you can see how the plenary session is going, then the question is, ‘How come you rarely interrupt now?’,” said Puan at the closing ceremony of the “Intern at the People’s House” program at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (12/23/2020). 2021).

“The time period for the plenary session is limited due to the pandemic, the maximum is 2.5 hours, as well as events at the commission, it is also limited. Why, namely showing the time to interact or then gather is not long,” said Puan explaining.

(Author : Ardito Ramadhan | Editor : Diamanty Meiliana)

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