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Has Sahika from “Forbidden Fruit” died? We explain what awaits the biggest troublemaker. Funeral and lots of speculation!

There has never been such a villain in Forbidden Fruit. Sahika is second to none and seems to be the biggest troublemaker in the Turkish series. What awaits her? Here’s what we’ve found out. Photos from the funeral sparked a lot of speculation.

Sahika from Forbidden Fruit. What do we know about her?

Şahika Ekinci is one of the main antagonists in Season 3 of Forbidden Fruit. Nesrin Cavadzade, who plays her, does a great job, she plays so credibly that some honestly hate her. –This woman is the devil incarnate! – we read in the comments on our Facebook profile – The Most Beautiful Turkish Series.

It is known that Sahika got rid of her ex-husband, and now, with the help of a mysterious man, she is trying to destroy Halit while being his fiancée! It’s hard to say anything good about Sahika, but one thing has to be said for her – she contributed to the reconciliation of Ender and Yildiz.

Ender and Yıldız – so far rivals – in the 3rd season decide to join forces to get rid of a common enemy – Sahika – we read in the description of the series.

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Who plays Sahika in Forbidden Fruit? Who is Nesrin Cavadzade?

Nesrin Cavadzade, who plays Sahika, was born on July 30, 1982 in Azerbaijan. Today he is 40 years old. Before Cavadzade became the star of “Forbidden Fruit”, she worked on the set of such productions as:

  • “Little Agha”,
  • “Little Günesi”,
  • “Century Seal”,
  • “Ethos”.

The latest production with her participation is the series “Üç Kurus”.

“Forbidden Fruit” – Sahika will die in season 3?

Sahika is so full of evil that viewers are only interested in one thing – will she stop being unpunished and answer for all her sins? What future awaits Sahika from the series “Forbidden Fruit”? Did she really die? Fans have doubts!

For details, see our gallery. We already watched the series and we reveal what will happen. We also reached behind-the-scenes information about the actress herself, who flew out of “Forbidden Fruit” with a bang! You may not have known about this.

See the gallery

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What is Forbidden Fruit about?

The series “Forbidden Fruit” (or “Yasak Elma”) is a Turkish hit from 2019. The production focuses on the fate of two sisters. One of them – Yildiz – wants a life of wealth. Her dream begins to come true when she meets Ender, the wife of a wealthy businessman. Soon Yildiz makes a deal with Ender: he is to seduce her husband. However, the money-loving blonde managed to outsmart a woman from high society and get her husband back. Ender vows revenge!

Turkish series on Polish television. What to watch?

A new series has appeared on TVP. “Acacia 38” is a Spanish production that replaced “Wounded Birds”. On TVP you can also watch “The Oath” and “Forbidden Fruit”. Turkish series in Poland are also shown by the DIZI channel dedicated to them. In the issue of “Eternal Love” and “Tiny Murders”. In November 2022, the broadcast of the series “Beautiful than you” began on the WP TV.

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