Hartz 4: Energy package! You can count on so much money

Whether it’s food or heating, prices are currently exploding in many areas. The federal government wants to support consumers with various measures. the Energy package (PPE) is one of them.

As stated on the Federal Ministry of Finance website, this is “socially designed”. So it should now Hartz-4-Recipients are entitled to a one-time payment. The prerequisite: You must be gainfully employed.

Hartz 4 recipients also receive a flat rate for energy

In July 2022 there was for Hartz-4– Recipient already a one-time special payment of 200 euros. According to the Federal Employment Agency, this served as “lump sum compensation for any additional financial burdens that existed as a result of the pandemic and current price increases”.

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Hartz 4 beneficiaries who are also gainfully employed can look forward to a total relief of 500 euros.

The flat rate for the energy price must also be paid to working Hartz 4 beneficiaries. Photo: IMAGO / Steinach

The so-called top-ups are entitled – like the other employees – to a flat-rate energy price of 300 euros, to be paid in September. According to information from “Hartz4.org”, more than 800,000 Hartz 4 refills would benefit from the additional lump sum.

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Relief: What’s special about Hartz 4 recipients?

Due to the Income Tax Act, the amount of the energy price flat rate is not credited to Hartz IV or other social benefits, nor taken into consideration as income. This is to ensure that the relief also reaches all those entitled to it.

Other Hartz 4 topics:

Energy flat rate – Important questions and answers in a nutshell:

Who gets the flat-rate energy price? All persons receiving income and living in Germany in 2022 or usually residing there
What do you have to do to get them? No separate question is needed. It is paid by the employer together with the salary
When will it be paid? Payment will be made in September
Are there any deductions? Yes. EPP is taxable. The deductions vary according to the tax bracket
What is the benefit for Hartz 4 recipients? It is not treated as income and counted for Hartz 4 purposes
Questions and answers on the energy package. (Source: Federal Ministry of Finance; own representation)

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What is left of the 300 euros in the end depends on your personal tax rate. For all employees who are employed after 1 September 2022, the lump sum must be paid together with the salary in September. (Mars)

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