Hardware engineer advocates for right-to-repair, converts AirPods into wired headphones

The AirPods are fairly compact, which also makes changing batteries near-impossible. Some engineers transformed their AirPods into a wired version to solve the battery problem, and hoped to draw attention to the right to repair.

Hardware engineer Ken Pillonel has been transforming different products, such as adding a USB-C port to the iPhone X. His latest creation is a pair of AirPods that turn into USB-C direct connections. He said in the video that the battery of his AirPods had deteriorated to the point of being unusable after only about 3 years of use, but even he could not successfully replace the battery by himself, so in order to avoid waste, he had to transform the AirPods into headphones connected by USB-C .

Turning AirPods into wired headphones is of course “superfluous”, but his purpose of making this wired AirPods is to arouse the public’s attention to the “repair rights” of electronic products, that is, to allow users or third-party stores to repair products by themselves without Throw it away to reduce e-waste and unnecessary consumption.


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