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Hammarby defeated KFF – that was the match

Hammarby is hosted by Kalmar FF in the Allsvenskan premiere.
Folkfest is expected at Tele2 Arena.

Worth noting is that Hammarby’s new acquisition Frederik Winther immediately gets the chance from the start.

Beautiful setting at Tele2 Arena with a massive tifo on the northern short side where Hammarbyklacken is based.

Also traveling to the KFF fans, fairly large in number today, with a smaller but powerful tifo as well (see FD’s insta story).

Follow the match here:

94′ End! Hammarby defeats Kalmar FF in the first match of the year.

90′ Four minutes remain.

89′ Motaraghebjafarour tries but Dovin saves via the crossbar.

88′ Nahir Besara tries but the shot goes over the bar.

82′ Goal. Jusef Erabi makes it 3-1 to Hammarby.

82′ Kalmar pressures Hammarby, who have gone down on a five-back line.

73′ Tesfaldet Tekie tries from distance. Brolin saves.

69′ Jusef Erabi is freed and comes alone against Brolin – who saves.

66′ Kalmar has a ball in the goal, but the referee blows for offside.

65′ Convulsive second half – neither team gets into big chances.

54′ Hampus Skoglund tries from long range – outside.

54′ Dangerous position for Hammarby, but the shot is blocked for a corner.

46′ The second half is underway.

46′ Paus.

45′ The referee shows that one minute remains.

40′ Corner Kalmar after sloppy defensive play from Hammarby.

35′ The game swings back and forth after the break.

27′ The match is on again.

26′ Interruption in the match after pyrotechnics.

25′ Goal Kalmar FF! Melker Hallberg pushes the ball in behind Oliver Dovin.

17′ Baj extends! Own goal from Kalmar FF after a play by Deniz Gül.

14′ Goal! Giant slip by Brolin in the Kalmar goal and Besara makes it 1-0 in the open box.

12′ Good period from Hammarby but it doesn’t really want to yet.

9′ Dangerous situation for Hammarby – Besara’s shot is blocked by the KFF defence.

8′ Swelling game so far. Small chances both ways.

3′ Dangerous situation Kalmar. Rescue Dovin.

1′ Nahir Besara kicks off the match.


Hammarby: Dovin – Skoglund, Fenger, Winther, Pinas – Hammar, Tekie, Besara – Johansson, Gül, Djukanovic

Kalmar: Brolin – Motaraghebjafarpour, Saetra, Sjöstedt, Jansson – Hallberg, Gojani, Magashy – Trenskow, Ring, Skrabb


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