Haining City found 1 positive case of novel coronavirus infection in a centralized isolation point

 Haining City is located in a centralized isolation point

1 case of new coronavirus positive infection

On the morning of October 5, Haining City found 1 case of positive infection with the new coronavirus at the centralized isolation point, it is a traveler who returned from outside the province of the positive infection notified on October 4, and who carries out the same track activity in our city . He was transferred to a designated hospital for solitary confinement and treatment. The tight and sub-tight connections inspected were brought under control.

The general public is asked not to panic, pay attention to authoritative information about the epidemic in a timely manner, actively collaborate with the work of prevention and control of the epidemic, take the initiative to strengthen personal protection, wear masks , wash your hands frequently, ventilate frequently and avoid gatherings, strictly perform “one scan, one question, three investigations” and actively cooperate with the normal nucleic acid test, get vaccinated against the new crown as soon as possible. Those who do not believe, spread or spread rumors, or do not cooperate with the above requirements and cause serious consequences, will have the corresponding legal responsibilities under the “Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act”.

New coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the city of Haining

Office of the Lead Group for Prevention and Control

October 5, 2022

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