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Přemek Forejt (35) has launched a excellent promotion video in collaboration with McDonald’s, in which he is enthusiastic about the high quality of the food in the rapidly meals chain. “Yum, yum, yum. It truly is amazing, I like it,” he sings to him without hesitation. Persons harshly criticize him for this act and blame him for staying eager to do practically just about anything for dollars.

Premek Forejt to go by the channels Potentially he did not hope so several unfavorable responses. “You know me! Outrageous thoughts generally appear to head in the kitchen … What if I compose a music just from the audio of the elements? Hmmm … What does a cucumber, onion, tomato or bacon sound like?” captivated by Mc’n’Roll’s “tune” on his individual Instagram. The reactions have been not lengthy in coming.

A great wave of criticism

Lovers are stunned that these a very good chef lends himself to something like this. Feedback under the online video of Youtube seems distinct. “So this is truly a terrible issue. What wouldn’t you do for income, proper? But going down like this … I do not treatment.” Jenda writes. This simply cannot be real … I am sitting down listening to this disaster and I am terribly ashamed of all of you who have participated in this, particularly of Mr. Forejt … a terrible, terrible shame. “ Nela wrote.

“He was a fantastic cook dinner, but he fully commited the worst sin,” quotations from the legendary Outcast Milano onwards Facebook. “The music porn bar has dropped to the bottom. Can it go even reduced?” Romano asks. “It did not go extremely perfectly … but we all require the dollars. Right after this, I you should not know if I would go to her small business when she advocates a excellent foodstuff parody,” writes Ivana. “Unfortunate … embarrassing … lousy … strange”, Cecilia agrees.

“As I go through it, there is not a solitary comment that Mr. Forejt does not dislike. And there are usually two fields underneath every single report. Not right here … This is really past my comprehension, mainly because a best chef amount can become unachievable like this? I solution for myself Oh, cash. Unfortunately, this is the actuality, sums up Tereza.

As I have found practically every little thing, but this is considerably down below your stage. I seriously wouldn’t have anticipated this from you, I definitely haven’t listened to nearly anything even worse and you have some good songs. ” writes Giorgio. That music … it’s a tragedy “, Svetlana wrote disappointed.

Optimistic assessments

There are good reactions as well, but they are a tiny handful of destructive kinds. “It’s awesome, new, stylish, Burian will make it amazing !!! We do not have to be belittled by Mr. Vajíček,” Vendula writes. Jiří Burian aka Kapitán Demo composed the tunes and the lyrics of the song, his handwriting is rather recognizable in the track.It truly is terribly weird, but it truly is nonetheless fantastic. “ they write a lot more.Ok, really solid funk, I was shocked. Fantastic work,” praises Dodgethis.

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