Hacking and bugs: why homeschooling is so disrupted in the Grand Est region

A student in front of his computer during a distance course. (©Illustration/ Nicolas Ponchon)

Big hiccups in series this Tuesday, April 6, 2021 for the resumption of home lesson as part of the third confinement. Schools are in fact closed for the week throughout France before the advanced school holidays (two weeks in the Grand Est region).

In the academies of Nancy-Metz, Reims and Strasbourg, bad surprise this Tuesday for thousands of students and families.

The platform of the Ministry of National Education was inaccessible and displayed an error message. It is therefore impossible to follow the first courses remotely, a situation reminiscent of the first confinement last spring.

Access greatly slowed down or impossible

The Ministry of National Education recalls that various devices are available to teachers and students to support them throughout this week (“My class at home”, Éduscol resources, LUMNI courses, ENT system, etc.).

This Tuesday, “slowness and technical difficulties may however have been encountered by users [des dispositifs « Ma classe à la maison » et ENT] “, Recognizes the ministry at the beginning of the afternoon in a press release.

“ENT services were greatly slowed down, even inaccessible this morning,” note the services of the ministry.

On social networks, messages from families or teachers’ unions follow one another, in particular in Nancy-Metz academies or even Strasbourg.

Overload and “malicious acts”

“This exceptional simultaneity of solicitations combined with current malicious acts may explain certain access difficulties. The services are working on their settlement as quickly as possible, ”explains the ministry.

These problems are linked to the service providers concerned in these regions who have encountered technical difficulties due to the severe overload of the infrastructures. The competent services of the local authorities concerned are dealing with these difficulties which should be resolved quickly. The academic services (DSI) and the Ministry of National Education (DNE) are supporting communities so that these services are restored as quickly as possible.

Ministry of Education

On the move this Tuesday morning, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer mentioned the situation of the site “My class at home”, which brings together three educational platforms (for schoolchildren, middle school and high school students) created by the National Center for Distance Learning (Cned).

According to the minister, this morning they are targeted by a cyber attack affecting their functioning.

You have computer attacks. This is the case with what is happening with the Cned this morning where you have computer attacks, apparently from abroad to (…) prevent the servers from functioning. Technical work is being done to restore this. Fortunately, this does not affect everyone everywhere.

Jean-Michel BlanquerMinister of National Education

A link with the OVH fire in Strasbourg?

The minister also assured this Tuesday morning that “according to the first elements” at his disposal, the difficulties of a “private operator” – OVH – “who had a fire in Strasbourg some time ago may explain” some malfunctions.

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Just after the fire of this vast data center in March, the ministry had already communicated on incidents affecting its services, noted The world.

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