#Hack on TikTok: Top 10 Internet users’ favorite tips

Cuisine, gaming, psycho… TikTok has become the leading place to unearth small useful tips on a daily basis, called “hacks”. With more than 207 million cumulative interactions since the beginning of the year, hacks are all the rage! The social media monitoring tool, Visebrain, analyzed the most popular content behind TikTok’s hashtag #hack.

Top 10 most popular hacks on TikTok

This study was carried out from 1is January to May 20, 2022. Visibrain rated the videos TikTok you hashtag #hacks in order of popularity (number of cumulative interactions: likes, shares and comments).

1. Hacks cuisine – 27 623 159 interactions

Tips for becoming a real chef at home are very popular on TikTok and accumulate more than 27,6 millions d’interactions. @andyslife247 is the most influential TikTokeur on cooking hacks: he alone generates 14,8 millions d’interactions since 1is January, more than half.

2. Beauty Hacks – 14,231,702 interactions

A hot topic on Instagram, the beauty has also found its way to TikTok via hacks. Among all the posts, make-up tutorials remain the most popular (53% of interactions), ahead of hair advice (28% of interactions) and skincare advice (13% of interactions).

3. Hacks gaming – 10 314 788 interactions

The gaming community can count on TikTokeurs in the sector to reveal their best-kept secrets. Hacks to break into “Clash Of Clans”, an online strategy game, are the most popular with gaming fans: 50% of interactions, ahead of Fortnite (21%)

4. Parenting Hacks – 9,936,552 interactions

Contrary to what one might think, TikTok is not just the stronghold of teenagers! With more than 9.9 million interactionsparenting advice is one of the most popular on the application. The hashtag #MomsOfTikTok also accumulates more than 114 billion views.

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5. Hacks iPhone – 9 590 680 interactions

Between unboxing and reviews, the iPhone is the subject of many videos on social networks. On TikTok, tutorials for taking beautiful photos with your iPhone are the most popular: they represent 70% of interactions on the subject.

6. Hacks mode – 8 958 150 interactions

Fashionistas, very present on Instagram, are also present on TikTok. Notice to lovers of high heels, the hack to more easily tie the straps of your pumps is unanimous and is found twice in the top 3 of fashion tutorials.

7. Hacks review – 6,365,795 interactions

With the lot of stress that student life entails, advice on how to get through this period as well as possible is welcome. Succeeding in exams, improving your revision sheets, better mastering Excel… Although the content is numerous, it is undeniably the mathematical tutorials that stand out.

8. Hacks psycho – 6 200 473 interactions

With the recent events that we know (Covid-19, Ukraine…), mental health has taken a full place on social networks. Personal development coaches are taking the opportunity to invade TikTok. Anti-depression advice is the most popular (42% of interactions), followed by relationship advice (28% of interactions).

9. Household Hacks – 5,959,638 interactions

Not only is taking care of yourself important in the eyes of Internet users, but taking care of your home is just as important. Thus, household and organization videos are multiplying on TikTok, generating nearly 6 million interactions since the beginning of the year.

10. Hacks fitness – 4 223 136 interactions

Finally, and always in this perspective of taking care of yourself, it is the fitness hacks that close this ranking. Bodybuilding tips indeed combine more than 4.2 million interactions.

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