Gustavo A. Madero, the only new mayor’s office where they will put COVID vaccine in CDMX this week – El Financiero

The Government of Mexico City announced this Sunday that the application of the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 Gustavo A. Madero (GAM) will continue in the mayor’s office for older adults.

The application will be from Tuesday, April 27 to Sunday, May 2, according to the presentation presented by the Government of the capital.

The older adults of this mayor’s office will receive the second dose of the Russian vaccine ‘Sputnik V’.

It is estimated that a total of 175 thousand 40 people aged 60 and over would be vaccinated, according to the presentation.

On April 27, people whose first letter of the last name is A and B. The rest of the people will show up in the following days according to their last name.

Remember that you can find the day, date and venue you must attend on the page

The venues of the GAM where vaccines will be applied are:

1. Deportivo Hermanos Galeana

2. Carmen Serdán Sports City

3. National Preparatory School N ° 9 “Pedro de Alba” UNAM

4. Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center / Zacatenco

5. Day Secondary School N ° 85 “Republic of France”

6. ENCB – National School of Biological Sciences Zacatenco Unit – IPN



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