Gunner Schick won the crown for the king of Czech football. You recharge among the legends

The author of the most beautiful goal of last year’s European Championship and the second best scorer of the championship, Patrik Schick from Leverkusen, came for the trophy awarded since 1965, where he extended his contract for another five years until the summer of the year. Not to mention that the 26-year-old forward has had a great season on the Bundesliga’s third team. He scored 24 goals in 27 league matches and took second place in the table of Bundesliver shooters behind Sovereign Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

“Our team has a promising future, the first good step is to advance to the Champions League. We can achieve further success, which is why I extended the contract, “Schick said after initialing the ongoing engagement.

The coronation of the football player of the year is another big moment in the career of the gunner, who was deprived of the title of the best scorer of the Euro only by a lower number of assists than Cristiano Ronaldo. However, his unforgettable shot against Scotland from a record 49.7 meters was chosen by the fans as the most beautiful goal of the championship. Schick was very successful in the national team – he scored seven goals in eleven international matches.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Patrik Schick with his wife Hana.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, The law

That is why the national team missed so much in the playoffs for advancing to the 2022 World Championship against the Swedes and will miss it in the upcoming quadruple of the elite division of the League of Nations against Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

At the beginning of the week, he underwent a groin operation and must logically skip the mentioned matches of the national team.

The members of the football academy, which includes premier league coaches, captains of premier league teams, representatives with at least 25 starts in the national team, winners of previous years, representatives of the media and the football association, Tomáš Souček, who won the previous two years, finished behind Schick. Souček’s club teammate from English West Vladimír Coufal finished in third place.

The most frequent winner of the Footballer of the Year poll is Petr Čech, who has won it a total of nine times. another goalkeeper Ivo Viktor became the winner five times, Pavel Nedvěd was crowned King of Football four times and Tomáš Rosický three times.

Soccer player of the year 2021
1. Patrik Schick Leverkusen 949
2. Tomáš Souček West Ham United 691
3. Vladimir Coufal West Ham United 303
4. Tomáš Vaclík Sevilla FC / Olympiacos 245
5. Antonín Barák Hellas Verona 195
6. Adam Hložek Sparta 96
7. Tomas Holes Slavia 63
8. Jakub Pešek Sparta 26
9. Vladimir Darida Hertha Berlin 22
10. Pavel Kadeřábek Hoffenheim 11

Next order: 11. Jan Kuchta (Slavia) 9, 12. – 13. Lukáš Kalvach (Viktoria Plzeň) and Lukáš Masopust (Slavia) both 3, 14. – 15. Jakub Jankto (Sampdoria / Getafe) and Petr Ševčík (Slavia) both 2, 16. – 23. Jan Bořil (Slavia), Pavel Bucha (Viktoria Plzeň), Stanislav Hofmann (Slovácko), Ladislav Krejčí Jr. (Sparta), Aleš Mandous (Olomouc / Slavia), Lukáš Provod (Slavia), Michal Sadílek (Liberec / Twente), Matěj Vydra (Burnley) All 1 point.

Of course, other polls were announced during the gala evening. The coach of the year was again the Slavic coach Jindřich Trpišovský, who won in front of the national team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý and Martin Svědík from Slovácko.

Coach of the year 2021
1. Jindrich Trpisovsky (Slavia) 488
2. Jaroslav Šilhavý (Czech national team) 410
3. Martin Svědík (Slovácko) 220

Photo: Kateřina Šulová, ČTK

Coach Jindřich Trpišovský defended the primacy in the vote for coach of the year.Photo: Kateřina Šulová, CTK

Next order: 4. Pavel Vrba (Sparta) 81, 5. Michal Bílek (Plzeň) 50, 6. Petr Rada (Jablonec) 32, 7. Miroslav Koubek (Hradec Králové), 8. Jan Suchopárek (Czech Republic U21) 6, 9.– 11. David Horejš (České Budějovice), Vítězslav Lavička (Slask Wroclaw), Pavel Vaigl (Domažlice) all 3, 12. – 15. Tomáš Galásek (national team of the Czech Republic – assistant, Ostrava – assistant), Pavel Hoftych (Liberec), Karel Jarolím (Mladá Boleslav), Luděk Klusáček (Bohemians) all 1point

Soccer player Andrea Stašková from Juventus shone with a hat-trick in the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup.Photo: Twitter

Andrea Stašková became the footballer of the year 2021 for the first time in her career. Last year, she and her teammates from the national team were close to the premiere advance to the big tournament. However, in the end, the Czechia lost penalties to Switzerland in the promotion round for the European Championships. The national team goalkeeper Barbora Votíková finished in second place and the four-time winner of this poll Kateřina Svitková finished in third place.

Soccer player of the year 2021:
1. Andrea Stašková (Juventus) 210
2. Barbora Votíková (Slavia / Paris St. Germain) 200
3. Katerina Svitkova (West Ham United) 187

Karol Dobiaš, a former player of the Czechoslovak national team, the famous Trnava and the Bohemians of Prague, was introduced to the Czech Football Hall of Fame as another legend.

Photo: Václav Jirsa, Právo

Karol Dobiaš (right) in the archive picture with Jozef Vengloš (middle) and Franz Beckenbauer.Photo: Vaclav Jirsa, The law

Adam Karabec from Sparta (457 points) was elected Talent of the Year before Daniel Samek from Slavia (186) and Tomáš Čvančara (Opava / Jablonec), who scored 153 points.

The eFootballer’s Award was accepted by Emerickson (Sparta eSports).

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