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— You are a football observer, so I can’t help but ask about football. Recently, the Russian team defeated Cuba 8:0. Taking into account the fact that we do not have official matches or opponents of a higher level, is this victory worth rejoicing at?

“We should be happy that we are at least playing with someone.” Only idiots can rejoice at such a victory over the Cubans, taking into account accompanying circumstances such as buying boots from Sportmaster and other nuances.

But the previous two games, with Cameroon and Kenya, were much more informative. But we don’t have to choose. We play with whomever we can, and we thank our opponents for responding one way or another. UEFA banned our children from playing – well, what can we talk about? At first they allowed it, and then they succumbed to pressure – quotes words Gubernieva “Newspaper. ru”.

Let us remind you that on November 20, the Russian team defeated Cuba with a score of 8:0. The Cubans arrived at the match without the necessary boots; their equipment was not suitable for the turf at the stadium in Volgograd.

2023-12-05 14:34:35

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