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Guardians of Galaxy premium Review ‘Beter dan The Avengers?’

The films surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy did well in the cinema. So it makes sense that a game was built around this franchise. And that game has been out for a week. Allowing you to roam as Star-Lord in a new adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy universe. Square Enix is ​​responsible for the game. And that’s risky, because they also came with The Avengers. And we all know how that game ended. Huey, Jelle and Koos have started working on the game and give their opinion here. So it’s time for the Premium review of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. Did it get fat? Casual or quite spicy and challenging? How’s the end game? Will the three play this longer than Marvel’s Avengers?

The gameplay elements of Guardians of the Galaxy

In the review we check the different elements of the game. The three talk about the gameplay, the graphics and the story. Because what makes the game good? Or just mediocre or bad? And what console did they play it on? On a cool next-gen console or maybe even via the cloud on the Nintendo Switch? Whatever is possible. How is gameplay of the game? Shoot it nice, or does it disappoint. And how did they just work out the story. Is it really an adventure in which you are completely absorbed or are it some loose cutscenes that do nothing more than give your banging fingers some rest? And what about the humor? Which is full in the movies. is that well worked out?

Does the story continue or is it separate from the movies?

We also talk about the timing of the game. Where does the story begin? Are you going to visit different planets just like in the movie? Or is the game more focused on one planet? Does the story look a bit like the movies? Or is it completely separate from it. We talk about this and much more in the Premium review of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy

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