GTA IV is finally back on Steam … without multiplayer

GTA IV has made a comeback on Steam, along with its DLC. Unfortunately, this victory comes at a price. The publisher Rockstar Games had to temporarily give up on multiplayer and online leaderboards.

Last January, GTA IV suddenly disappeared from the Steam store. Amazement, misunderstanding, terror (maybe not good) among players and fans of the fourth episode of the franchise. Rockstar gave the explanation for the sudden withdrawal to US Gamer magazine a few days later.

GTA IV was originally designed for the Games for Windows Live platform. Microsoft no longer supports Games For Windows Live, it is no longer possible to generate additional keys necessary for the sale of the current version of the game. We are studying other options regarding the distribution of GTA IV on PC and we will share more ‘information as soon as we can’, recounted Rockstar Games in the columns of US Gamer.

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Two months later, the studio has obviously found a solution since the title and its two extensions, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, are again available on the Steam store. However it is no longer possible to buy the game and its DLC separately, it will be imperative to obtain the Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition.

Only to bypass the end of the support Games For Windows Live and allow the title to return to the store, the publisher had to make concessions. Unfortunately, multiplayer modes, online leaderboards and some FM radio stations will be temporarily disabled. Regarding a return to normal, Rockstar has not yet given a potential date. What motivate players of the fourth installment to migrate to GTA 5 and its paid transactions ? Too early to say.

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Source: Gameblog


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