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Greater Poitiers Handball Team Suffers Disappointing 27-30 Loss to Hennebont-Lochrist

Greater Poitiers: 27
Hennebont-Lochrist: 30

What a desappointment ! Closed faces and downcast expressions, the Poitevins did not mask their frustration, in Saint-Eloi, at the final whistle of a match that was within their reach. A week after losing to Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire in a one-sided encounter (33-23), Benoît Juin’s players conceded a second consecutive loss at home against a team from Hennebont- Lochrist having shown more discernment. “We were able to react compared to last week by showing a more interesting and involved face but we said that it would be the small details that would make the difference, that the mistakes would cost us dearly and we made a few too manyunderlined the coach. It’s a shame because without that we could have won. »

The Breton defense makes the difference

However, at the break, Léo Godineau’s teammates seemed to have the match in hand. Relying on a good defense, an excellent alternation in the game like the long shot of Paul Roumier or the speed of Louis Fontes on the wing (4 goals in the first period), they had mastered the first half-time (10-6, 18th; 13-8, 22nd), however relaxing just before the break (17-15, 30th). “We were pretty good, maybe the lack of bench depth made it more difficult afterwards”their coach said.

Because what followed turned into a long way of the cross. In great difficulty attacking the 1-5 defense of the Morbihannais, often forgetting their left wing, the Poitevins went nine long minutes without scoring, returning numerous balls to their hosts which the latter exploited judiciously on the counter-attack. “It’s always a little more complicated because we play less than 1-5 since most of the time we face 0-6 in the leaguerecognized Benoît Juin. There, we had a little difficulty finding solutions, getting the ball to life as needed. On small details, we punished ourselves, we lost balls, we didn’t finish our shots and it cost us. »

To make matters worse, Korentin Luy in turn proved unstoppable (21-19, 41st then 21-26, 49th). It’s quite simple, 25 of the 30 Breton goals were scored by just three players that the locals never managed to muzzle: Korentin Luy (10), Ronald Alcindor (8) and Damien Leblais (7). In the end, and even if William Debray, finally serving on the left wing, gave the score a more honorable dimension (27-30), the defeat was logical. And frustrating. “It’s a shame because if we had managed the little details well we could have won”, supported the coach. And to say that we now have to move dear to the undefeated leader, Rezé. “We are going to go there with the idea of ​​taking points and why not doing the same in Ivry the following weekBenoît Juin projected. We remain mobilized, the season is still long, there are plenty of points to be had. »

But during the first leg, the four meetings between Saint-Cyr and Ivry ended in three defeats then a draw and were costly. We must avoid reproducing this scenario. “We don’t think about thatcut the Poitevin coach. Ce (SATURDAY) evening, we could have turned the match in our favor. We knew we were capable of it. We don’t fear that. There are eight matches left, what counts is not the position but the number of points which separate us from the podium. » There were two before this evening and four now with the victory of Vernon-Saint-Marcel at the Cercle Paul Bert in Rennes (29-30). A gap that must not be allowed to widen further.

Half-time: 17-15.
Referees: MM. Braye and Guyot.
Spectators: approximately 1,500.
Greater Poitiers: Soliani (14 saves); Belkacem (5 goals), Fontes (4), Guignier (4), Roumier (3), Debray (3), Housseine (3), Godineau (2), Mège (2), Madier (1).
Hennebont-Lochrist: Peter-Jan (14 saves); Luy (10 goals), Alcindor (8), Leblais (7), Harmegnies (2), Dore (2), Le Lan (1).
Exclusions: in Grand Poitiers, Herault (40th, 60th); in Hennebont-Lochrist, Moniez (10th), Alcindor (23rd, 58th), Luy (51st).

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