Great play, although only short

Although the achievement for the Peninsula of energy insularity has been good news, freeing us from a price system that was leading us towards disaster, in the medium and long term the special statutes do not help in the laborious process of European unity. The insularity achieved, however justified it is –and it is- is still a kind of Brexit of energy (energexit?) and the less rich European countries will never be interested in our car being dropped from the convoy, no matter how much it costs keep your pace. On the other hand, those kinds of big pulses to the Union are not easily repeatable, they cause attrition and consume an opportunity. It is understandable that Sánchez has thrown the rest in such a necessary tactical play, but on the table he has been left without a bench. It is convenient to know this so as not to be deceived when, once the electricity bill is settled, others pass us by.

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