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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The young Syrian rider, Osama Muhammad Al-Zubaibi, with his horse “Flash Gordon 30,” won the first prize for qualifying for the grand prize in the Bahia International Show Jumping Championship, one-star category, whose competitions began on Friday, and is organized in its third consecutive edition by the Bahia Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi, in conjunction with The UAE celebrates the 52nd Union Day. The tournament is supervised by the International Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian and Racing Federation, and is sponsored by Longines, Al Sheraa Stables, Mirbad and Amiya Power.
At the end of its first day, the tournament witnessed the holding of the first qualifying competition for the Grand Prix. It came with the specifications of a single round, and its track was designed with barriers reaching a height of 125 cm, and 30 riders competed in it, 5 of whom succeeded in completing the round without error, and the Syrian rider Osama Al-Zubaibi topped them on the back of his horse. “Flash Gordon 30,” and finished the round in a time of 61.69 seconds. The horsewoman, Iman Al-Saffar, came second with “Jad HBE,” and completed the round in a time of 64.48 seconds. The third place prize was crowned by the Iranian knight, Farhang Sadeghi, and the horse, “NIC FA.” The time is 73.71 seconds.
According to the specifications of one round over 105 cm hurdles, the first competition of the championship began, and 44 riders competed in it, 20 of whom succeeded in completing the round cleanly without error, and among them stood out our young rider, Saleh Mufarrej Al-Karbi, with his horse “Super Trooper.” He completed the round in a time of 55.93 seconds, and won the first place award, then the jockey Ali Muhammad Al Marzouqi with “Indira Z”, with a time of 56.46 seconds, and in third place came the Syrian jockey Imad Gharib and “Miami BAE”, with a time of 56.79 seconds.
In the International Championship competition for young jumping horses aged (5 to 6 years), the first competition was held with the specifications of the two special stages, over 115 cm hurdles for horses aged 5 years, and 120 cm hurdles for horses aged 6 years, with the participation of 26 horses, and the horse “Ritjiki” won, led by the rider. Syrian Sabri Badinki finished the second stage in a time of 24.89 seconds.

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