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Great! Ariel Noah Becomes the First Owner of the BMW R18 for Rp. 1 Billion

Ariel Noah Becomes the First Owner of a BMW R18 for Rp. 1 Billion (Source: Instagram @arielnoah)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TVBMW R18 as the first line of the cruiser model from BMW Motorrad Indonesia officially launched to the country at a price of IDR 969 million off the road. Noah’s vocalist, Ariel became the first person to own the motorbike.

Apart from being the first owner of a motorbike worth almost Rp. 1 billion off the road, Ariel was also lined up to become the brand ambassador for the German manufacturer’s newest cruiser.

“I believe in the technology that is introduced into each BMW Motorrad model line, including BMW R18. In addition to the special classic effects highlighted, I am sure riding away uses BMW R18 the more fun, “said Ariel at the launch, Tuesday (11/24/2020).

So far, Ariel is close to the BMW Motorrad brand. Before having BMW R18, he has used a BMW G310GS and a BMW R nine T.

CEO BMW Motorrad Indonesia Joe Frans said that even though it was sold at an exorbitant price, the motorbike was sold out before it was launched on Tuesday (11/24/2020).

“We are very excited to be able to bring this newest cruiser to Indonesia. Attendance BMW R18 This is certainly a unique flavor compared to the existing lines, and also this is the biggest boxer machine ever, “he said in a written statement.

In appearance, BMW R18 like bringing the historical value of the heyday of the BMW R 5 which is thick with its classic side to the current era. It’s no coincidence that the design is pure classic with the details still being preserved BMW R18.

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