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Governor Files Damages Lawsuit Against Republican Lawmakers for Overturning Order

OKLAHOMA CITY: In an unusual move, the governor filed a damages lawsuit Monday afternoon against Republican lawmakers and the Senate president pro tempore who voted to overturn an order by Oklahoma Gov.

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Gov. Stitt said the negotiations surrounding the compacts should be left to him, not the Legislature.

The governor vetoed both compact bills in early June, saying they would violate state law. The House convened on June 12 to override the vetoed bills HB 1005x and SB 26x. The bill was sent to the Senate where it was overridden. The Senate held a special session on July 24 to override both bills and eventually voted to override the vetoes.

“We don’t have the legal authority or the constitutional authority to settle with the tribes,” stated Rep. Tom Gann, R-Enola. Representative Scott Fetgatter disagreed with Tom Gann’s statement, saying the Legislature has the responsibility to override the governor’s vetoes on tribal compacts.

“Why doesn’t the governor make a personal deal with our tribal leaders?” asked Rep. Fetgatter. “We as the Legislature have the absolute right and authority to take such a decision,” Fetgatter said, quoting the Supreme Court judgment.

With a 72-16 vote, the Tobacco Compact’s bills became law. Speaker McCall said if the governor can’t reach an agreement with the tribes, the Legislature will be ready to take action.

The speaker also plans to lead an interim study this fall to further examine tribal compacts. And then from there, begin discussions and interactions, a conversation about what the Legislature wants to do in the future,” Speaker McCall said.

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