Governor Carina Van Cauter: “1 percent of corona infections in East Flanders has to do with the catering industry”

“About 40 percent of the number of corna infections in our province has to do with the family or the family,” says East Flemish governor Carina Van Cauter, “if we talk about the hospitality industry, then that is a very low percentage, then we can we’re only talking about 1 percent. ” Nevertheless, various politicians and experts warn that caf├ęs are indeed “hotspots” for corona infections, although it is difficult to prove this with hard figures.

These are the figures that Van Cauter presented to the mayors of East Flanders at the beginning of this week. They refer to the week of September 21 – October 1, 2020. “A snapshot indeed, but I have been seeing the same for weeks. Family and relatives are always at the top and are the source of a large part of the infections. The circle of friends also scores high in the number infections. “

The figures also show that schools and the catering industry are at the bottom of the list in East Flanders: travel (8%), work (6%), sports clubs (5%), residential care centers (4%), school (3%) and catering (1%).


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