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Gossip talk has to take video about Famke Louise from judge offline

In the song, Famke Louise lashed out at her former manager Ali B. According to presenter Dennis Schouten, the song also shows that the singer would have been abused by Ali B.

According to the judge, “everything indicates that the defendants in their online program are guilty of both copyright infringement and unlawful act”. “The copyright infringement consists of disclosing a secret track of the claimant. The unlawful act includes making statements about the claimant that are not supported by the facts and alleging a non-existent wrongdoing.”

Gossip talk has to take the video offline, post a rectification and pay the legal costs of € 9,547.56.

Famke Louise has responded to the news in an Instagram Story. ‘I am happy with the verdict. I previously debunked the Gossip allegations myself in a short video, but here I say it again: I’m not the woman from the BOOSbroadcast all around The Voice– abuses. I was not abused by Ali B.’

The artist says she is for free speech, but that the allegations of Gossip Talk went too far for her. ‘They are absolutely untrue, harmful and touched me personally deeply.’ She is happy that the court ruled in her favor and that Gossip talk should take the video offline and rectify it. “I hope Gossip will take responsibility from now on and do better research before making such bold statements.”

The song that could be heard in Gossip Talk had Famke Louise recorded for herself after she broke up with her manager, she previously said in a video on Instagram. She was angry and wanted to write things off. After that, according to her, things went well with Ali B. She also says that nothing ever happened between her and the rapper, who was killed by former candidates from The Voice of Holland is accused of sexual misconduct.

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