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Goosebumps, this is the danger of mango plant cankers, can cause crop failure

URBAN BAND – I have not seen a leaf please full of bumps, it’s not because the leaves have chlorophyll, but it’s a plant disease please you know, caused by flies.

Take a look at the bumps inside, they are actually fly eggs developing to become larva. Plant disease please this can be considered disgusting because it spoils the appearance of the leaves please become full of brownish spots, or it might be called To boil leaf.

Plant disease please This is caused by flies To boil Procontarinia matteiana, this fly comes from the Cecidomyiidae family. To fly To boil often called cecid flies, small in size and black in color with pale wings.

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When the leaves please already attacked by the disease To boil, cut and burn immediately. You cannot spray as it can damage the leaf tissue pleaseinstead larva the caterpillar will not die.

Impact To boil this could be done by farmers please losses due to crop failure. Because of the plants please who was attacked To boil This can reduce plant quality and productivity please less than usual.

Fly ulcers are caused by flies To boil which lay their eggs on the leaves please who is still young.

Then the eggs hatch, become larva which will grow and develop into leaf tissue that forms leaf spots that appear on the surface of the leaves.

The resulting bubbles have different colors, ranging from green, brown, to reddish rust.

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