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Good morning! – Burgasnews – 2024-04-15 21:16:42

A wonderful day begins!

Good morning on Tuesday 16.04.2024.

The weather

The temperature will be between 15 and 28 degrees. It will be sunny. The wind will be semi-strong from the southeast at a speed of 10 m/s.

Lucky of the day

Archery teaches us how we should seek the truth. When the shooter misses, he does not blame others, but looks for the blame in himself. – Confucius


April 16 is Bulgarian Constitution Day and a professional holiday for lawyers in Bulgaria. The day has been celebrated since 1991 at the initiative of the Union of Lawyers in Bulgaria. On this date in 1879, the Tarnovo Constitution was adopted – the first Bulgarian constitution, which became the legislative basis for the socio-economic development of the newly liberated state.

Happy holiday to all lawyers!


It’s time to unwind and relax, but of course not alone! The universe is inviting you to spend time with the one you’re just dying to be with. And instead of sneaking into the streets, take him to his nest, relax and enjoy the nice evening.


You have something to say, and these are all very serious things. You’re also up for doing a bit of detective work. Start with the ambiguities of relationships with other people, especially personal ones, and try to bring them to life. Make your every word indicate a willingness to get even closer. But if you’re not overly interested in these relationships, they’re not worth bothering with at all. If you are interested, act bolder!


Everything new and unusual now easily attracts your attention. It cannot be said that you succeed very much in those areas that you consider the most important, and your interests may quite unexpectedly move to another plane. Your curiosity and desire to communicate will likely take precedence over your spiritual experiences and practical aspirations. Despite the fact that the day is conducive to various contacts, the acquaintances of this time may not last as long as you hoped.


The first half of the day will bring you unpleasant surprises, but later the character of the star influence will change sharply, you will feel more confident, you will discover new opportunities and immediately take advantage of them. The energy and readiness to act decisively, even when the circumstances do not seem to predispose to it, give Cancers a tangible advantage over competitors. The day will bring you difficult trials of an emotional nature and will be a kind of test of the maturity of feelings and the ability to make compromises.


You should not think too long about the question of how serious and difficult to solve your problems are. You will be able to cope with many difficulties if you do not waste time on doubts, self-pity and idle talk. Today is not the best day for joint activity, but individually you can work very successfully. It may turn out that you have plans for the realization of which it will not be a pity to work hard. Your vital energy does not go unnoticed, and people in need of support will seek you out.


Your innate emotionality has declined a bit, giving way to such qualities as curiosity, mobility and receptivity. By tuning into the relevant wave, you will be able to absorb any information, even if you have heard it only once. At the same time, the probability of a forced trip increases, but regretting having taken them is almost unlikely. The weather is great for learning. If, for example, you have to write an essay on a difficult, ambiguous and new issue for you, start the work by searching for virtual materials about it on the Internet.


If you use all your energy to make those around you happy, you will have nothing left to make yourself happy, and that is a mistake. Therefore, gather strength today to solve your own tasks and problems. Don’t be afraid that those around you point to you as an egoist. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself at the top of your priority list every now and then. Maintain a reputation for impeccable manners, but don’t forget to treat yourself with due respect.


Show maximum warmth and empathy towards your partner. You cannot even imagine how much your support and understanding of her problems are needed. She won’t tell you that something is wrong with her, and you don’t even ask… Just be a little flatter than usual that day…


Sagittarians today tend to behave childishly. On the one hand, this gives charm to the representatives of the sign, and on the other hand, it leads to the situation that no one takes them seriously. Try not to be offended on this occasion: the fact that you are assigned a little more irresponsible things gives you the opportunity to rest. Throughout the day, your self-esteem will be good, and in the evening you may feel unwell, and you may injure yourself due to carelessness. It is not desirable to work with sharp tools, nor to use complex equipment.


Today it will be very difficult for your loved one to decide on some desperate action. But if it’s not resolved, all your relationships can go down the drain, which you and he are well aware of. This means that the most optimal action for you is to close your eyes and jump together into the icy water of events.


During this day, material and professional issues will be most relevant. You should place additional emphasis on income from official activity and performance of daily duties, including managerial ones. Today you will be able to boldly spend your savings, provided that they are in line with the possibilities and that you will not break any rules. Good gains are possible at home. On this basis, relations with parents and children can become warmer. Some expenses will be unexpected.


A very unpleasant conversation with a close person awaits you, but the day as a whole for all representatives of the sign is quite unsuccessful. Be prepared to make significant concessions and turn out of some of your own plans in order to meet the expectations of those around you. Any attempt by you to defend your interests will be perceived as a declaration of war. The day is not bad for calm and non-binding communication with friends, acquaintances, or with people who are just not very close. In such a company you will feel confident and comfortable.

What to read

The ranking

Steve Martini

Gable Cooper has written a masterpiece, and now six million dollars in royalties and film rights are waiting for the famous author to reach out and take them. But there’s one small problem – Gable Cooper doesn’t exist.

Meet talented attorney Abby Chandlis, who has just figured out how to keep her new writing career going. When it’s not style, but appearance and mannerisms that turn manuscripts into bestsellers, she will find a charismatic male face to make the thriller an absolute hit. But who is right for the role of Gable Cooper?

With a magnetic aura, a turbulent past and a sick ambition to become a writer, Jack Germain became a favorite of publishers, the media and the public as soon as the book premiered. But money and fame go hand in hand with deceit and crime. Unwittingly, Abby finds herself drawn into a maelstrom of violence and death – from Seattle to New York, from South Carolina to the exotic Caribbean islands.

A joke

– Peno, don’t you cheat on me with the philosopher of the village?

– This is a delusion, Mitko, just a delusion. No empirical basis to support your relative conclusions.

Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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