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Good morning! – Burgasnews – 2024-04-12 21:24:49

A wonderful day begins

Good morning on Saturday 13.04.2024.

The weather

The temperature will be between 12 and 21 degrees. It will be mostly sunny. The wind will be moderate from the east at a speed of 8 m/s.

Lucky of the day

Choose a job you love and then you won’t have to work a day in your life. – Confucius


Creation of Bogomilism in Bulgaria.

In the distant 980, on the 12th and 13th of April, two wise men came from Syria, one of whom was Wotan – the creator of votanics, called botany these days. The two of them passed on the secrets of creating Bogomilism to Boyan Maga – one of the sons of King Simeon the Great.

In Bulgaria, Pope Bogomil (Boyan Maga) spread the teaching and it grew to enormous proportions throughout Europe, where it was known under the names: Cathars, Albigensians, Paterins, Quakers, Torbeshis, etc. This scares the church both in our country and in Europe, and with the joint efforts of Catholicism, mass persecutions and destruction of Bogomilism begin.

Historical documents show that it was the Bogomils who created the first schools in Europe. Hospitals, orphanages, homes for people with disabilities, civil society, develop botany, handicrafts, singing, music, plant growing are their work. They initiated the Renaissance of the whole of Europe.


You are not in the mood for work today, and the bosses will immediately notice this. Do not expect understanding and indulgence – they will not forgive you for mistakes and unfinished business. And the circumstances today are not the most suitable for laziness and inaction. So get on a productive wave. You are impatient and irritable, and therefore difficulties in relations with loved ones are not excluded. Those around you will not forgive your mistakes, but they will willingly encourage noble impulses.


Today you will trust your loved one 200%, even if he has done nothing to deserve such trust. Just try not to overdo it in this difficult task, so as not to get upset and reproach yourself later for such unpredictability.


Today, your loved one will not have time to solve your problems – both of a moral character and all others. Therefore, be prepared that he will not understand you and give you the necessary attention and all kinds of things of that kind. Try to be independent.


A phone call will surprise you at the most inopportune moment Be sure to call! What they will tell you can significantly change your plans for the day, and even for life! It is quite possible that this will be another step towards that cherished day when Mendelssohn’s March will be played for you.


For you, this day is more about challenge than victory. Unexpectedly (and not at all in time) your detractors and rivals will remind you of themselves. You might be better off deflecting the fight, but given your character quirks, you’ll probably prefer to initiate combat. You won’t be able to focus on homework, and not everything you planned will get done. In connection with this, insults from relatives are possible. Try to dispel the clouds that have appeared on the horizon, because otherwise there is a danger of a serious conflict.


Do what does not require effort – this day should be light, and only in this situation will it pass well. So also avoid following serious unpleasant conversations, clarifying relationships and situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Like all representatives of the sign, you are usually very active, but today you will gladly indulge in idleness. It would be very useful to pamper yourself – for example with spa procedures. Whatever you do, dress warmly – it’s possible to catch a cold.


You don’t have to constantly make an effort to make everything in your life go well. Therefore, if you want to deepen your personal relationships or expand your business ones, you don’t necessarily have to work every second without a single moment of your hands crossed. Today, it is very important to find a balance between the need to continue making efforts and the need to rest. You don’t have to work on your lunch break either, because there’s nothing that can’t be postponed at least for a while.


Strange news may bring this day. While you try to figure out what happened and what could have happened under different circumstances, it will be evening and you will have to go to rest. In all likelihood, you will take the riddle with you to Morpheus’ realm.


Don’t be too trusting and don’t tell too much about yourself, because it’s better that only you know your secrets. The day is ideal for travel, business trips and relocations, but there is a danger that you will be lied to on the way. You will be irritated by some obligations in financial and business terms and therefore you will argue with everyone in a row, but in truth – without serious consequences. Today will also end a difficult period at work that you have been through lately. Refresh yourself through a walk in the fresh air.


The recommendation of the stars for this day is to be restrained in your statements. Today you will be prone to unappealable judgments and you will care little whether they will be accepted and whether they will be pleasant for those around you. Disputes will arise over real trifles, but they can turn into serious conflicts if you do not show calmness and peacefulness. The day is not suitable for parting with a solid amount of money, and therefore it is better to postpone large gains. Gifts are also not excluded – including valuable ones, which will probably make you very happy.


There is only one way to show your loved ones how much you think of them and what an important place they hold in your life and heart. And unfortunately, this may force you to give up meeting a person with whom you are obviously not related. That is, with the one with whom you have long dreamed of being alone. And maybe you are so brave as to bring these two companies together?… It’s early. Not much, but it’s still early…


A good day for solving important money matters and investments. Wonderful family and romantic relationships will create a wide flow of vital energy for you. Try to use your free time for in-depth study of scientific or philosophical questions, or take up meditation.

What to read

The Madmen of Mazur Street

Joao Pinto Coelho

Paris, 2001

Yankel, a blind bookseller, and Eric, his childhood best friend, meet after many years away from each other. They were separated by a terrifying night during the German occupation in the small town in which they grew up and in whose forest they ran madly in a race for the love of their wild flower Shionka. Eric – now a famous writer – is gravely ill and unwilling to pass away before finishing the book that will bring him redemption. But for this he needs the memories of his Jewish friend, who has always seen far beyond his blindness.

For months, the soft light in the Thibaut bookstore will not go out. And as Yankel and Eric delve into the past under the pedantic gaze of the editor Vivienne – who never reveals everything she knows – the story of a city that has always been on the edge of the abyss, a city of Christians and Jews, of reasonable and ludi – a city occupied by Soviet and German troops, which will never be the same again after one day barbarism runs rampant in its streets.

“The Madmen of Mazur Street” will thrill you no less because it is an outstanding historical novel that won the prestigious “LeYa” literary award for 2017.

A joke

– What do you like?

– I love the warm rays of the sun, glistening on the morning dew on the grass, I love the breeze caressing my hair, the racing dreams to unconquered enchanted worlds…

– Only these pies and a cutie left, will you take them?

Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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