Good friendship with Shashi Tharoor, who am I to declare Kerala’s support for Kharge? – Sudhakaran

Kozhikode: KPCC president K. stated that he has a good friendship with Shashi Tharoor, who is running for the position of president of Congress. Sudhacarano. Sudhakaran said he was not the person to announce Kerala’s support for Kharge. He was answering a question from Kozhikode reporters.

“In a democratic election, opinions will differ, this is the specialty of democracy. Shashi Tharoor and I are very friendly. We talked about it in the morning. Our friendship will not be compromised because of the elections. Congress is the party. They saw a lot of democracy. There was competition between Gandhi’s candidate and Nehru’s candidate. This is the story of Congress in India, “K. said Sudhakaran.

Competition is the face of a democratic political movement. All the strength of a political party is its competitiveness and the existence of a democratic system. Sudhakaran said there should be no jealousy when Congress does. Asked by reporters if Kerala’s support was for Kharge, Sudhakaran asked who I am to declare Kerala’s support.

Mallikarjun Kharge’s experience, popularity and organizational skills are the most appropriate to lead the Congress. Sudhakaran had said the other day. He claimed that Kharge is a leader who has maintained secular aspirations over his six decades of public life.

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