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The price of gold on Thursday fell below the Federal Federal Reserve.

According to today’s trade price, the price of gold futures for gold on the Somech market in New York decreased by 15.95 dollars, or 0.813% to 187% to 187%.

At the same time, the current futures for the price are reduced by 1.95% to $ 23,343 per ounce.

The precious metal continues to lose ground after the January meeting of the American Central Bank. According to the results announced the day before, the Fed announced that if it takes into account inflation and the state of the market, it may be the case. The regulator also confirmed its plan to complete the program for reverse purchase of financial assets from the market to March.

The last time we made gold, we made gold less and less accessible to investors when we bought it in the second currency. Amepiĸancĸite papi in momenta yvepeno pocĸapvat cppyamo dpygite golemi cvetovni valyti, a indeĸcat na dolapa (obmenniyat ĸypc na dolapa cppyamo ĸoshnitsa from the valyti na shect dapzhavi – ocnovni tapgovcĸi paptnyopi na CASHT) napactva c 0,7% Up to 96.62 pynĸta.


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