The most European street in Quito takes Twitter: everyone has a memory

The urban myth that the best verses, the existential sighs and also the most torrid loves have flowed through ‘la Juan Rodríguez’ is not strange to the people of Quito.

Favorite street of writers and poets, painters, tourists and philosophers and adolescents who, ‘escaped’ from school, have gone to rest on their benches under the gentle shade of its leafy trees.

was the young David revealed, sonorous trinador of messages that become a trend, that captivate Internet users due to its poetic naturalness, put this endearing Quito street in the forefront.

Internet users immediately said “present” and took out of their pockets those poems conceived on this ‘boulevard of broken dreams’, as I would say Joaquin Sabina.

Let’s clarify, the Juan Rodríguez (in Quito it is called that, with the article ahead) does not have the tumultuous chaos of Khao San in Bangkok nor the hubbub and color of La Rambla in Barcelona.

On the contrary, Juan Rodríguez is a solitary and calm traffic, located in the north center of the capital, in the La Mariscal neighborhood, between Seis de Diciembre avenue and Reina Victoria street. His name corresponds to one of the first Spanish clerics arrived with the conquest.

Several cases have been reported of people overwhelmed by an existential weight, who have ended up in this alley and sitting on their benches, looking at the fallen leaves of time, find meditation and light for their infinite thoughts and problems.

Kimberly, a schoolgirl from Idrobo, was present with a nostalgic trill and Diana did it with a summery one:

Oh, impossible not to mention that backpackers who arrive from Boston, Oslo, Verona, Vladivostok or from any other city on the planet, fall directly into the Juan Rodríguez, which houses the most welcoming hostels.

Selma Merino He was in charge of mentioning the historic hostel El Maple, and also Al Arupo.

In this beautiful street there are also cafes, inns and very close by are bars to quench your thirst for fun.

With a design of houses that combine Victorian style design and the facades of Dutch or Swiss chalets, the landscape of this street detaches itself from the colonial architecture of Quito. And, of course, wanderers and walkers can fantasize that they are walking around some small European town.

“He’s about to go out for a little spin” by Juan Rodríguez, tweeter David Revelo posts. “Nearby there are some things to drink and eat.”

So let’s go for a walk this Friday ‘Down the boulevard of broken dreams’.

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