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Gold Prices and Bullion Reach Record Highs in Egypt

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023 12:13 PM

We publish the latest update in gold prices And gold bullion today, Wednesday, as the prices of the precious metal recorded high levels, with the high demand for gold in Wednesday’s trading, and a gram of 21 karat gold, which is the best-selling in Egypt, recorded 2400 pounds, amid instantaneous price changes.

Gold prices today:

21 karat records 2400 pounds.

18 karat records 2057 pounds.

24 karat records 2743 pounds.

The gold pound is 19,200 pounds.

Gold ounce 2004 dollars.

Gold bullion prices today

registered Gold bullion prices The weight of 2.5 grams recorded 6857 pounds per gram, and the price of a gold ingot weighing 5 grams reached 13715 pounds, and the price of a gold ingot weighing 10 grams reached 27430 pounds, and the price of a gold ingot weighing 20 grams reached 54860 pounds, and the price of an ounce of gold weighing 31.1 grams reached 85307 pounds, and these prices It does not include workmanship and tax, and the prices recorded in the market are now the highest in the history of gold pricing.

The current gold prices, which rose to levels of 2400 pounds for 21 karat, and the rise of 24 karat to 2743 pounds, are considered exaggerated and completely illogical, and the rise in demand does not push prices to these unprecedented levels in Egypt, according to Gold Billion.

Gold Billion indicated that gold is like any commodity in the event of high demand, its prices move, but what the gold market is witnessing now is confusion in pricing and unrealistic exaggeration in pricing gold and moving prices in an instantaneous manner, even with the decline in the global price of an ounce.

He explained that the market will not continue in this randomness, and the price will correct during the next few days, with the government’s tendency to carry out economic reforms and work to accelerate the government’s offering program for 32 companies, which will provide dollar liquidity that may contribute to calming the markets.

The technical report of Gold Billion indicated that global gold prices fell from the highest level in 13 years at $ 2048.76 an ounce, which was recorded during the past week, by $ 45 due to the recovery of the dollar since the end of last week, after gold witnessed the strongest wave of buying in four weeks since mid-2019. .

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