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Gold jewelry, if you have one like this you make a fortune

If we own gold jewelry of a particular carat weight and want to resell it, we will earn a fortune

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Many Italians in the course of their life find themselves with gods precious in gold that they no longer wear because they were given to them as a child or because they no longer find our personal taste. Still many find themselves a sell their gold since they are in a state of economic narrowness.

When we want to sell a gold jewel we must turn to a I buy gold whose task will be precisely to evaluate our precious, buy it and merge it to create a new jewel. Obviously at the time of purchase there will be paid a fee in cash according to the value of the jewel. But which gold is worth more?

Gold jewelry: with the sale of these you get a lot

I buy gold earning as much when
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There are golds with different characteristics of purity. Often gold is diluted with other materials and with different alloys such as silver and copper, and consequently it loses purity and therefore value. The gold used in jewelry, for wickedness, is generally a 18 carat, mixed with alloys that make it flexible. What is worth the most is certainly the24 karat gold.

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Il carator the unit of weight for gold and diamonds equals 0.2 grams and, in gold, precisely identifies purity. L’24 karat gold (100% oro) it is almost never used for jewelry making since it is very delicate and soft. L’oro 22 carat contains the 91.7% gold and it is too soft to be used for jewelry and is often used for coins.

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The most used gold in jewelry is therefore that of 18 karat (75% gold) and it is formed with six carats of copper or silver and 18 carats of gold, so 18 carat gold contains about 58.3% of precious metal. L14 karat gold, also used for jewelry, is at 58.3%. There are also various types of gold: white, yellow and pink. The most common is certainly yellow gold. But which of these golds is worth more and allows us to make good money by selling it?

The value of the jewel is determined by the quantity of gold present per gram and not the color. If you want to know which gold to sell and which one has more value just refer to amount of thousandths of pure gold in the product, if it is 18 karat or 9 karat, because only the quantity of precious metal present in the jewel gives it greater or lesser value.

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