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Gokulam Kerala FC Victorious in I-League Match Against Delhi FC: 2023-24 Season Continues Strong

Ludhiana: Shining in I-League Football Newly Gokulam Kerala FC. Against Delhi FC in Ludhiana Gokulam won 2-1 in the away match. Announced. Go, the presence of Kerala in the I-League Kulam continues in the 2023-24 season. Yam owns it.

Wins in last five matches The other 12 teams in the Macau I-League It is also worth noting that he did not dare. After completing 15 matches, Goku Latin has 29 points. Muha with 34 points in so many matches Mmadhan SC is the leader of the league.

Trailing by an own goal in the 45th minute The rest was Gokul’s return. Come and win. Vijayagol P was in injury time. ran In the 45th minute, right back Nidin Krishnan himself. Delhi takes the lead with the ball in the net Excuse me.

In an attempt to clear the corner The ball with the head of the treasure It was in the net. Penalty in the 85th minute Lucky Captain Alex Sanchez with Gokulam beat

Alex Sanchez is the top scorer in the league. Then in the third minute of injury time, La Liensanka marks the victory of Gokulat Owned the goal. PN Header on Naufal’s cross The goal of Runnu Laliansanka.

He also fought against the wind

M. was in an unfavorable situation King happened. Had to play against the wind Many shots from both teams Get rid of it. V who fought against the wind and the sea “Victory” was Malabarian Gokulam Jayath, known as The rest is on social media. Also noteworthy.

On 24th at Tilak Maidan, Goa. Gokulat’s A against Brothers Close competition. 10th position with 14 points from 14 matches That’s Churchill Brothers.
Gokulam’s 6th in a row in I-League Kings do not know defeat. December 11 vs Real Kashmir Yairunnu (3-0) Gokulat’s last loss Lv. Five out of the six matches played Also won. Draw against Aizawl (1-1).

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