Giovanardi doctor challenges his political brother (and vaccinated)

Carlo Giovanardi, senator of the republic and former undersecretary of governments Berlusconi, has a brother, Giovanni, a doctor by profession and opposed to vaccination out of ‘passion’. The politician is vaccinated, his brother a doctor, now retired, is not and does not intend to do so, indeed it launches a curious challenge: “let’s see who lives the most“.

A ‘fratricidal’ challenge

Guests a Go back the Giovanardi brothers have shown the whole of Italy at least a peculiar fraternal relationship: it must be said that all the brothers often have opposite views, but the opinions of Carlo and Daniele Giovanardi are poles apart, in some ways antithetical.

Carlo, a politician and vaccinated, however, is forced to take up the gauntlet thrown by his brother, a bet more than anything else. Daniele by profession is, the better he did, the doctor, has serious doubts about the vaccine and forces his brother to make a ‘senseless’ challenge: “I’ve been a doctor for 40 years, he a politician. One vaccinated the other not. Let’s see who lives the most“.

youth twins

Its in fact not a delirio novax, it is simply a mixture of reasonable doubts and a mania of omnipotence that perhaps at his age is a sin of hubris, declaring himself more concerned about the vaccine than the virus itself: “I am a former Olympian in perfect health. If I wake up with a fever, I start the first day with some therapies, anti-inflammatories and so on. It is not clear why a free citizen should be banned“.

As mentioned, his is not a priori reluctance, but an excessive form of skepticism, which he justifies with some facts: “I’ve had hundreds of people vaccinated: in their seventies with pathologies, diabetes, hypertension, obese. But if someone comes to me and asks me: ‘Do I have my 16-year-old daughter vaccinated?’, I answer no. G.Germany, England, France exclude that genomic drugs should be used for this group. Should I shut up? ”.

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And if for the age of 16 the speech could be valid, for him it is necessary to completely change the subject: “a vaccinator has to write me two things: that when vaccinated I will not infect anyone; and that is not a experimental drug and there is certainty that I will not have side effects ”.

Who knows if the therapies and anti-inflammatories he takes in case of fever are all without side effects …

We just have to wish each other May the best man win!

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