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“Gina Carano Sues Disney and Lucasfilm Over Firing for Controversial Social Media Post”

Actress Gina Carano has filed a lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm after being fired in 2021 for a controversial social media post. The post in question compared being a Republican to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Carano is seeking $75,000 in damages and is also requesting that Lucasfilm recasts her role. The lawsuit is being funded by Elon Musk, who made an open call on his platform X for others to join the suit.

Gina Carano, known for her role as Cara Dune in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, frequently engaged in online disputes with left-wingers during her time on the show. However, it was a post on her Instagram account in February 2021 that sparked outrage and led to her dismissal. The post drew a parallel between the persecution of Jews by the Nazis and the political climate faced by Republicans today.

The lawsuit, filed in California federal court, alleges wrongful termination and retaliation. It claims that Carano was fired because she voiced her own opinions and stood up against the online bullying she faced from those demanding her compliance with their extreme progressive ideology. The complaint, which spans 59 pages, cleverly incorporates Star Wars references to emphasize the narrative.

Carano argues that she was treated differently from two male co-stars who had written or shared posts online maligning Republicans as Nazis but faced no consequences. The lawsuit also implicates the Walt Disney Company for the agency dropping her, although UTA, the talent agency that had represented her for nearly two years, is not named in the court filing.

In a statement on X, Carano expressed her experience of being subjected to a “bullying smear campaign aimed at silencing, destroying & making an example out of me.” She emphasized that artists do not relinquish their rights as American citizens when they enter into employment. Carano thanked Elon Musk and those who have supported her throughout this ordeal.

Elon Musk, known for his commitment to free speech, has pledged to financially support individuals facing discrimination for their posts on X. His company spokesperson stated that they are “proud” to back Carano’s lawsuit as part of their dedication to protecting free speech.

This lawsuit raises important questions about the boundaries of free speech and the consequences individuals face for expressing their opinions on social media platforms. As the case unfolds, it will undoubtedly spark further discussions about the power dynamics within the entertainment industry and the responsibility of employers in handling controversial statements made by their employees.

The outcome of this lawsuit will have implications not only for Gina Carano’s career but also for the broader conversation surrounding freedom of expression in the digital age. It remains to be seen how Disney and Lucasfilm will respond to these allegations and whether they will be held accountable for their actions.


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