Getting to Know the Advantages of Dimensity 1100 that Otaki Poco X3 GT


Little X3 GT recently introduced in Indonesia. Although it is targeted at the middle-class mobile segment, this phone is equipped with a MediaTek flagship class chipset Dimensity 1100.

Head of Marketing for Poco Indonesia Andi Renreng said that the Poco X3 GT is the first mobile phone in Indonesia to be powered by the Dimensity 1100.

“Dimensity 1100 promises performance which is number one for Poco users. In Dimensity 1100 it will be able to deliver faster CPU speeds, keep better connections, and the most important thing is the 6nm architecture,” said Andi at the Poco Tech Talk event. Session with MediaTek, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

“We are the first to use it in Indonesia. We are always enthusiastic to present the latest technology for Poco fans,” he continued.

The Dimensity 1100 itself was released by MediaTek in early 2021, along with the Dimensity 1200. This chipset is designed with four 2.6GHz Cortex A-78 cores and four Cortex A-55 cores.

This architecture is combined with a nine-core Mali-G77 GPU. LPDDR4X RAM and a UFS 3.1 storage chip complete the architecture.

Deputy Director Corporate Sales of Southeast Asia MediaTek Cedric Chang said thanks Dimensity 1100 Poco X3 GT managed to score 686,600 in the benchmark test using the AnTuTu application.

Cedric said there were several improvements that the Dimensity 1100 brought from its predecessor, such as 16% faster performance and 25% more efficient use of power. The Dimensity 1100 is also increasingly reliable in processing applications and tasks related to artificial intelligence (AI).

The performance improvement of Dimensity 1100 can also be seen from the process of opening and installing games and applications. Cedric gave an example of the Dimensity 1100 being able to open WeChat applications 25% faster than competitors’ flagship chipsets.

The Dimensity 1100 is also the first system-on-chip (SoC) to feature dual-SIM 5G that can be activated simultaneously. MediaTek also inserts support for Wi-Fi 6 which is the latest wireless technology.

“Devices with Dimensity 1100 can guarantee users enjoy higher data transmission in indoor environments where Wi-Fi 6 is available, whenever users want to switch from a 5G connection,” explained Cedric on the same occasion.

Not only that, the Dimensity 1100 is also equipped with HyperEngine 3.0 which can support more optimal gaming sessions. This technology guarantees concurrency of calls and data while gaming so users will never miss an incoming call.

In addition, this technology also promises power consumption that is 35% more efficient than competing chipsets.

“We are very confident in the performance Dimensity 1100. And the easiest way to experience this powerful chipset is to buy and use a Poco X3 GT,” concluded Cedric.

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